Two great things: DRC and Charity ALL DONE, THANKS

I had the great good fortune of acquiring several vintages of DRC on release from the tiny supply that made its way into retail in Indiana (2012-2018 vintages). All were picked up within days or even hours of their delivery by the distributor and have been lovingly cared for in my basement temp- and humidity-controlled cellar.

I am in the process of selling them and using the money for a local charitable purpose. I have already sold two lots to a well-known national reseller, which verified the bottles and their condition and currently has them available for a tidy profit to them.

There is still over a case left. No hurry for me, I will move my remaining bottles in the next 1-5 years. Iā€™d be delighted to sell directly to someone who will enjoy them. If you have an interest, message me.


Thanks to all who have shown interest and especially those who have made a purchase that will support the expansion of a local nature preserve by 4.5 acres and the creation of a community center!

I am welcoming offers this week and will conclude Sunday, May 14th, sooner if my goal is reached (1-2 more bottles sold).

All wrapped up! I appreciate all the kind communications. Thanks to all who showed interest and especially the buyers.


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