Two from my Stash: 06 SQN Raven Syrah and 05 Lillian

These are the only two I took detailed notes on from last weekends debauchery event up at Zach’s place in VT. I really spent some time with them and rightfully so. Both were great wines and I have never had either of them before. I am very glad I have some of both left in the locker. In the end the SQN edged out the Lillian, but not by much.

  • 2006 Sine Qua Non Syrah Raven Series - USA, California (6/12/2009)
    This bottle was opened and then poured right into the decanter. Nose initially was very gamey and beefy but blew off to reveal more blue and black fruits. After an hour of air, the nose begins to reveal cracked peppercorn, smoked bacon, crushed gravel, extremely perfume all intertwined with blue and black fruits. This wine is very cotie rotie like with smoked meats, touches of minerality and integrated fruits. Palate is has touches of brambly black fruits, boysenberries, caramelized meats, white pepper and toasty oak. Creamy red berries start to evolve on the notes giving it hints of sweet tone. Palate is very balanced, big bold fruits that are not jammy in any way. Don’t get me wrong, this is a huge wine but very balanced and round. Nose begins to gain more pronounced notes of smoked meats and honey baked ham. Palate is big, in check and bold, tremendous wine. (95 pts.)

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  • 2005 Lillian Winery Syrah - USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Barbara County (6/12/2009)
    Very approachable as a pop and pour but right into the decanter it went. Nose gives off sweet glycerin like red and black fruits, creamy raspberry puree, vanilla oak and luscious boysenberries. Nose continues to produce layers of red fruits, complete round cocoa notes and sexy perfume. Palate is extremely round polished and complete. Nice balance on the palate, although tannins are present and rather large, they are completely integrated with the fruit and spice. Creamy notes cover the palate, tossed with cranberry and raspberry notes. Palate is very round, balanced and just plain beautiful. What a wonderful wine, very well made, approachable now but will age effortlessly for 5+ years to come. (93 pts.)

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Tyler - gorgeous note on the Raven. Can you liken it to any other SQNs? Thanks.

Thanks for the note on the Lillian. Seems most people like this better than me.

Also, good to hear you can grow enough whiskers for a stash finally. [berserker.gif]

The only other SQN’s I have had are the 04 Poker Face and the 06 Raven Grenache. The Raven grenache was a tad to overblown for me and probably needs some time to settle down a bit. The 04 Poker Face is a very different wine than the raven. The raven had an inherent smoked sweet meat characteristic I liked a lot where the poker face was much more ripe in your face glycerin fruit. Both tremendous wines with the poker face taking the cake; just very different.

Just a few stragglers, looking to get up to Bowden’s level someday! [gen_fro.gif]

to me it was better than atlantis and papa

[wow.gif] really? Thats a serious statement. Ive liked Atlantis better than most of the rest of the lineup. (Ive had most of the syrahs) havent cracked a Raven yet. I hope youre right!

My experience with the SQN Syrahs would be this ranking:

Poker Face

These are the only ones I have had the opportunity to try

Well looking forward to it even more Bill…Ive had the P face twice side by side with Atlantis and while both times I was blown away by both wines, I ranked the Atlantis first twice.

I’m just pissed you didn’t save any of either wine for Saturday!! [berserker.gif]