Two 1999 Dominique Laurents

Tasted two days apart.

Le Musigny: after much decanting plus more air, little more than a mouthful of dust. It’s all structure. Tannins are fine. Based on this, hold for 15 years minimum.

Charmes Chambertin: pop and pour. Quite deep and full, rich, yummy, becoming complex. Best Charmes Chambertin I’ve had. For my palate it needs a few years but for many this would be ready now. So pure for a large wine. No drying tannins.

Thx for the notes, I have a couple of 2002 Vosnes that i am waiting on. What no mention of obtrusive oak? that is the gut reaction of some folks when they hear Dominique Laurent. I always thought the oak faded into the structure of the wines with time.

I agree. The 1995 and 1996 Laurents caused this stereotype because of how they seemed when young and because some cuvees were put in one new barrel then another new barrel. Recently I’ve had bad luck with his 1995’s but the 1996’s are terrific.

I have a bottle or two of the CDV (tres unique?

I have been enjoying the 95’s and 96’s.

perhaps it was not the most beneficial move to decant the musigny? i usually find red burgundy to seize up in the glass if it had been decanted for too long.

I wonder the same thing. I don’t know.