'Twas The Night Before Berserker Day

If I buy more stemware, my ass’ll be Grassl;

Awesome across the board but this line is genius.

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This makes so much more sense after yesterday, especially the helicopter and screaming eagle. Great job!!

Lol, it would an infamous honor. Pete sounds like he’s been training for today.

I’m 5 cases deep; and those are also 5 cases which I have no idea where I’m going to store. That’s weighing in to this year. We’ll see, I have my eye on a number of things today. Little bit of a different strategy in play this year.

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Agreed - that was a LOL moment, to be sure. If Freemott ever reads this, he needs to pay Patrick for the rights to market it.

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Now let’s see what Patrick can do with “Glasvin”!

I should have namechecked more people. You know, for the swag.

He’ll hook you up, fo sho

We are all laughing so hard! Well Done!

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Thanks! Laughter is the best medicine.


I haven’t had any wine in January, but boy do I have Berserker Day hangover.

Moving this classic back into Wine Talk for a bit :slight_smile:

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If you were a Grand Cru or Monopole Cru member, you could check them out on Preview Day . . . .

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Apparently, Todd’s too lazy for that neener

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El Excellentay! :smiley:

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If you’re not in on the Early Purchase Day you’re LITERALLY missing out.

Today. Was. Something.

Yeah, I hope my refractory period allows me to rebound for tomorrow.

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Well Done! Let’s get ready to rumble…