Turtle Rock mailing list help

I became aware of TR vineyards reading comments from members of this site a couple years ago. Maybe in one of the Saxum threads… I do not recall. After reading some reviews and tasting notes, figured I’d give them a try, so I signed their waiting/mailing list. I was just moved from waiting status, to their mailing list. I’m a bit confused though. They mention club status, no real mention of allocation. Can someone familiar with this winery and how they sell/offer their wine give me the cliff notes? I figured that I’d order a mixed case, invite a few friends over and just do an in-home tasting of sorts. If I(we) like them, buy more. It’s unlikely that we will be in the Paso area for anytime soon, or I’d just swing by their tasting room - hence the question.

Log on to your account and it will tell you if you are a 4 or 6 bottle member. You selected that at some point.

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That’s the problem. I log onto my account and I can click a button to “become a member”, and then when I do, I get a greeting talking about being on the waitlist. I think their new system just hasn’t updated me?

At any rate, the clubs appear to be for red only. Is there no option to get red and white?

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This is the email I received when I signed up:

Thank you for signing up for Turtle Rock Vineyards wine club. We’ll keep you up to date on your wine shipments, new releases, & up coming events via email. Cheers!

Wine Club Level: 6 Pack Club

I would call or send them an email.


Here’s a copy of what I recently received as a 6 club member. It may help you understand how this club works. In the distant past, club members were able to order more than now; but due to the limited production and high demand they have placed limits on orders. Hope this helps.

Important Dates: Fall 2022

We are getting ready to release the Fall 2022 club shipment! Please review the following:

Six pack members: (2) 2020 Plum Orchard, (2) 2020 Westberg Red, (1) 2020 Maturin, (1) 2020 Willow’s Cuvee

Four pack members: (2) 2020 Plum Orchard, (1) 2020 Westberg Red, (1) 2020 Maturin

**Due to limited inventory, we cannot accept customizations at this time.

  • Make sure your payment information and shipping address is correct by Tuesday, September 6th.

- Credit cards will be processed on Thursday**, September 8th.** No edits can be made to your order after it has been processed.

  • Orders will be shipped on Monday, October 31st. If you selected ‘pick up’ orders will be available to pick up by appointment only starting October 1st, Tuesday through Sunday from 9am-4pm. Please note that we can only hold pick-up orders for 60 days before they are shipped to the address on file.

  • The Fall Pick-up Party will be on Saturday, November 12th - more details to come!

*Friendly reminder, we have recently switched software providers so in order to make the experience go smoothly, we have created a simple process to get you logged in and accessing your account.

As always, feel free to email info@turtlerockvineyards.com or call

(805) 635-4785, if you have any questions!

Turtle Rock Vineyards
3075 Blue Rock Rd
Paso Robles CA 93446
Phone: (805) 635-4785