Turley Fall 2010 release

I contacted the winery and they said offers will be mailed August 20th

Zins: Cedarman, Dogtown,Fredericks, Hayne, Moore “Earthquake”, Pesenti, Salvador, Tofanelli, Ueberroth, Zampatti.

Petite Syrahs: Hayne, Library & Pesenti

Can’t wait!

I also can’t wait! My credit card, on the other hand…

I will just have finished paying off the last few winebid lots when I get the turley release.

Does anyone know if they’ve stopped using those obnoxious bottles?

same bottles

Beyond just the bottle shape, the labels are fairly hard to read as well, especially when trying to determine which wine you’re pulling off the rack. And damn it, this release I want the stickers with wine names like most everyone else got last round!

Harumph! I hate those bottles, and don’t buy because of them.

I set up Turley-only racks so the bottles can be dysfunctional together and not affect my other bottles.

There are some great, great old vine zins in this offering. Ueberroth and Hayne, in particular, are real favorites of mine. Fredericks is very special. Dogtown is my favorite wine from Lodi.

With this and Carlisle, August will be Zinfandel month for me.

Not to mention Bedrock… next week.

Morgan’s release will include two old vine zinfandels. Stellwagen (Sonoma Valley, 1899) and a blend that includes Morse (SV, 1918), Rossi Ranch (SV, 1910), and a little Stellwagen and Bedrock (SV, 1888) among other things. Other wines in the offering will include Hudson Syrah. I’m very anxious to try these.

This is one producer I never tire of. For me, Turley is the quintessential zin, and with so many vineyards, they deliver a wide breadth of flavors and style. Love the Petites too. The bottle shape, while obnoxious for racking, works really well for bins. I store mime in old OWCs stacked on the cellar floor. Alternating directions in bottles and rows works really well.

Apologies for thread drift: anyone taste the upcoming Bedrock releases?

that’s not a drift … that’s a wrinkle in time! start a new thread.

EDIT: there’s a Bedrock thread already going … a few threads below this one.

I was trying to create a mobius strip within a thread and take us on a time warp to a new dimension.

[rofl.gif] … nice. [welldone.gif]