Tuesday Wine Geek's at Nostrani

Last night we went to Nostrani for Wine Geek’s Night. We were joined by Krys & Phil Custer. We started with a very nice 1993 Dom Perignon (provided by Phil). Then we were served the amusée - a tasty small rice croquette with a cheese coating and a nice rich sauce. It was very good with the DP. Then we were served a light and very good cream of Spring Onion soup with a sprinkling of lavender. This was also very good with the DP. Then we were served an asparagus salad - very thin spears of asparagus, arranged in a starburst pattern on stilton cheese and a raspberry vinaigrette. This was very tasty with both the DP and the first of a 1990 Meursault Charmes from a maker I didn’t write down and don’t remember. Next we had a seared large diver scallop served on an escargot fricassee (four escargot in a rich vegetable sauce). This was very good with the rich Meursault - no prem-ox; good light yellow in color; bright, complex white and yellow fruit; good acidity; and a long, complex fruity finish. As we were finishing the scallop dish, the 1976 Monegard-Mugneret Echezaux was opened to breathe and a little was poured. Then we served a lovely Braised Pork Belly and Duck Liver Crepinette on a Cider Reduction. It was very tasty with the Echezeaux which had opened quickly to rich, spicy, complex secondary and tertiary dark fruits; barely adequate acidity, with a long, complex dark fruit finish. After a bit a nice Grapefruit Iced Souffle was served with a half bottle of a Venetian Moscato (also provided by Phil)- richly flavored with a dark brown color and rich finish. It was ok with the souffle, but better by itself and with the espressos that followed. The remains of the DP were observed by half of us to be better with the souffle than the Moscato.

Some of the Meursault was shared with Eric Stapleman, who thought it had a great nose and rich flavors. Nelli came out partway through the meal and told she put the menu together herself without any input from Eric, for a change.