Tuesday Dinner: German Beers & Sausages.

Dinner Tuesday night, 23 June 2009, was at Café Ysabel for a W&SCP dinner event sponsored by German beer, sausages and cold cuts producer/distributor, Treffpunkt; Raymond Meynet, the current owner (having taken over sometime in 1996), being a member of the club. This was my first organized beer-pairing dinner.

My wife and I arrived just a few minutes past 7:30. Aside from the evening’s hosts and the usual suspects, my brother, T, and his wife, C, were already there enjoying huge platters of Salami and Fleische Kaese…

…and the initial salvo of 3 German beers.

EKU Pilsen, Kapuziner Weiss Beer

Monchoshof Black Beer

T and C had already taken a table for 6, so we naturally joined them thereat and started tasting the “cocktail beers” with the salami and cheese. Our table pretty much favored the rounder, fruitier Kapuziner Weiss Beer over the drier, crisper EKU Pilsen with the appetizers. I’d imagine I would prefer the EKU Pilsen after a long, hot round of golf.

I didn’t try the Monchoschof Black Beer until Marty encouraged me to, recommending that I let it warm slightly before enjoying it. I followed his advice, and, with its rich, mouth-filling dark chocolate flavor, it turned out to be one of my favorite beers of the night.

Dinner proper began immediately thereafter with a Crème of Onion and Smoked Ham Dumpling Soup. I’ve loved these thick, rustic German soups ever since. This was no different - hearty, savory, comforting, plus a nicely smoky and juicy dumpling one can sink his teeth into. Perfect for a rainy night. This was paired with…

Warsteiner Premium Verum, which happens to be a beer we keep in stock at home. Just under medium in body, mildly creamy, nicely clean, with a light malt sweetness towards the back of the mouth. Very easy to drink. My teenagers like this a lot, and I can understand why.

Next was a simple, refreshing Green Salad which I made short work of knowing that this would likely be the healthiest course of the night. The following dishes were served together, family style and in most generous amounts, much more than we could possibly finish.

Assorted Sausages, Pig’s Knuckle and Ham


These were served with additional platters of Baked Spatzle, Home Fried Potatoes and a loaf of dark Rye Bread.

I enjoyed this hearty meal with two different beers.

Erdinger Weiss Beer, lightly fruity but nicely dry, I tasted hints of banana and citrus with a very slight, appetizing yeasty bitterness at the end. The finish was not long but quite clean. Very easy to drink.

Erdinger Dark Beer, fuller in body, it had a general malty, roasted nuttiness to it with a slight undertone of caramel and whispers of clove. Very enjoyable.

Dessert was a Spiced Apple Cream Palat Schinken with Custard and Home-Made Chocolate Ice Cream on the Side.

My brother and I couldn’t help but try the dessert, especially the delicious home-made chocolate ice cream, with yet another glass each of the Monchoshof Black Beer. The beer’s rich dark chocolate ran hand in glove with the ice cream. Chocolate beer and chocolate ice cream - it may sound strange, but, what can I say? Beer newbie and Philistine that I am, I enjoyed them together.

The evening ended not long thereafter with cups of then much needed sobering coffee for the drive home.

Beer newbie and Philistine that I am

and all this time, I thought you were Filipino! :wink:

Nice change of pace, bringing your tasting prowess to beer. Although I enjoyed stouts and dark beers when I was younger, my preferences run to pilseners and ales these days. I can, however, totally understand how your Black Beer was a good pairing with dessert.

I do love me some beer, kraut and sausages.


Yes, I do have a lot to learn about beer and do tend to favor the darker Belgian and German ones. Perhaps that is because they are relatively new and diffrent for me. For the longest time, all we had here was our San Miguel Pale Pilsen.


Yup, them’s goldanged good eatin’ and drinkin’.



That Monchof Schwarzbier is a real bargain in my book: low alcohol, smooth flavors of caramel, smoke, and sweet malt.

I usually get a tall glass off tap at my local pub when I want a thirst quencher that lets me drive right home afterward.

nice notes, but if you think coffee sobers you up, you’re mistaken. Your alcohol level is the same as before the coffee (minus whatever small amount you’ve metabolized in the interim).