Tubbs Fire Relief - Giving Back

Today was the beginning of the giving back portion of my fire relief auctions.

The first recipient is Rajneel “Neel” Sharma. Neel is a mechanic at Legacy Auto Sales in Santa Rosa. His home, an apartment where he has lived for the last 10 years, suffered damage in the fires. Everything he owns that is not burned is smoke damaged. He had renters insurance but it only covers fire damage up to $1,500.00. He was able to evacuate his family but now all 4 of them are living with his Grandfather in a 2 bedroom duplex. FEMA has given him just $500 for essentials and they are struggling to find housing. His landlord has no timeline for repairs so he is looking for new housing. He was paying $1,100/mo but new 2br units are renting for $2,200/mo. When I saw him last week I gave him a few logo t-shirts that I had on the truck that were his size. He thanked me saying that he had to wash the one outfit he had every day so he could wear it clean to work the next day.

Today I greeted him with a $500.00 gift card for Oliver’s Market so he can feed his family and save money for rent, a $200.00 gift card for WorkWorld so he can buy some clothes and $1,450.00 in cash. His tears of joy eventually turned into a huge smile. Honestly we were both sobbing. He cannot begin to thank you all for your help. He said the cash will help with a security deposit on the new apartment.

#SonomaStrong #BerserkerStrong [berserker.gif]

Awesome, thanks for doing this Brian

Words cannot express how great it feels to see the smile on the face of this man who has been the recipient of your efforts. As we have discussed it not only helps the victims but for those who feel their pain it helps heal our broken hearts. It will take some time but eventually things will get better and be stronger than ever. #californiastrong

Fantastic, Brian. Thanks for posting the follow-up for us to see. Really appreciate it and everything you have done for the community.

You have a servant’s heart Brian. It’s wonderful to see such good in people amidst all the horrific things that continue in our world. Thank you.

Good stuff! Great timing too. I got my wine just a few hours ago, and I get to read about this! Nice work. Massive kudos to Paul from Halcón for his great generosity as well.

Well done, Brian, all around.

Such a mitzvah! Nice!