2018 Nuestra Señora del Tercer Gemelo

Dear Frederick~

The 2018 Nuestra Señora del Tercer Gemelo, a wonderful cuvee from The Third Twin, is now available coinciding with the mailing of your offer letter. This dominantly Petite Sirah based wine is packed in a beautiful wooden box that houses 5 bottles.

Order in!


im on the fence but likely buying. passed last year. i guess asking about previous releases doesn’t make sense since the grape composition changes.

Found email in Outlook JUNK folder??? Ordered immediately and sent nasty message to Satya Nadella.

Mexican wine?

Was wondering why there was a thread about Paul….



Ordered my two 5 packs

Well, if you go by the pre-Polk border…


Well I’m thinking “Nuestra Señora” and it sounds like something from Baja. I’ve never seen Catholic religious names used on California wines.


I was expecting an attack…

What’s the title referring to?


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The Third Twin

It’s made by Sine Qua Non. A single vineyard wine made from The Third Twin vineyard.

I was concerned it was going to be a Bruce L just sayin’ thing. [snort.gif]

I just got the snail mail letter. He quoted some glowing reviews, but no scores. SQN did a one-off petit sirah years ago, Thw Writing on the Wall. They sold it in magnum with their book for $1500 and the price tripled in the secondary market. I have not seen or heard any one talk about that for a long time. I doubt that happenes here, but it is intriguing.

Not sure I can afford SQN, NOK and TT, espcecially when the other labels are doing nearly the same thing as SQN. I like it when they do something different, like Graciano or Touriga Nacionale, so I wil probably buy.

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WA 98+, AG 98