Truly Great Wines Not Imported to the U.S.?

Based on Lyle’s thread I am curious to know if there are any truly great producers not imported? Not very good young up and comers (although I would be interested to hear about these as well), rather winemakers who are clearly at the top of their region and could be compared to other top producers anywhere in the world.

The only one I can think of is Metras (I know Crush brings some in but I do no think it is through a typical importer).

Are there others?

Quite a few in Australia. Wendouree immediately comes to mind. I don’t believe Mount Mary or Giaconda have importers either. And I wish some of the great Hunter Valley Semillons (esp. Tyrrell’s Vat 1) had a domestic importer.

I know Selosse wasn’t imported to the US as of a few years ago. Things might have changed.

Salil that is a good example. I think there is a small Cote Rotie producer that is not imported? Do you recall who I am talking about. Either you or Keith have posted a note on the wine.

Selosse is imported by Rare Wine Company and he did not have an importer for awhile by choice.

How do we define truly great? I like the idea, but often these kinds of things become laundry lists of the good versus the great.

Wendouree is an excellent one that I really wish I could buy.

Robert, you might be thinking of Benetiere, but they are now imported.


Benetiere? I once brought a bottle back from London for a friend because he couldn’t find it here.

That is it! Thanks. I see Polaner now has it.

I agree and I think my Metras example helps to define the spirit of my question.

I think Metras is clearly one of the top (for me the top overall) producers in his region and his wines stand up to the top in any other region.

This is a very good point, especially wines from outside the Barossa/McLaren/Clare Valley axis.

And thank you for doing that, Corey! Benetiere is now being imported, but this is a recent development within the last 6 months or so. In the US, there was a limited amount of 2010 made available and then some 2011. I think you brought me the 2006 or 2007.

And Rockford

At the risk of being labelled a shill, board member Robert Panzer also brings it in.


I agree with the above about Australia. I’m increasingly interested in non-Parkerized Aussie wine and it seems like almost none of the bottles I look up on W-S are available in the States. And even if they are, they’re hardly ever carried by stores so you have to seek them out from the single source 1200 miles away.

There is very little Corsican wine imported to the US, I suspect many of the good producers don’t make it here.

Imported by Rare Wine Co.

Maybe a “Parker-ized” wine, but you don’t see a lot of Clarendon Hills anymore, past the 2006. A lot of that year, but good luck finding anything more recent.

Pardon my ignorance - who is Metras? Never heard of them, and couldn’t even begin to guess where they might be from?

For a long time Cappellano was on this list, but N. Rosenthal has remedied that.

Gérard Mugneret (Burgs)
G is son of René, father of Pascal. It’s mostly sold in Europe, apparently.

We had a great 1/2 bottle of his Vosne-Romanée 2008 at EMP a few years ago.

Oops, wine-searcher shows me his wines are available in the US now…

Fleurie, in Beaujolais.