Truffle honey

Steve and I are complete truffle salt abusers, but this weekend, we found a new addiction: truffle honey. A 4 oz jar is well under $10, and this is simply TDF drizzled over creamy cheeses like robiola and camembert. It was incredible with our first bottle of '08 Tempier rosé (notes to follow) and we’re enjoying it again today with '08 J.K. Carriere “Glass”. If you spot this stuff in a store, it’s worth a try:

It is amazing stuff. Drizzled over cheese, I like using it on harder Italian cheeses for instance. Also it makes a nice finishing glaze for chicken.

Mmm, thanks for the tip! We have half the jar left, so I’d love to find some more uses.

What Jeff said. I like it with good parmesan.

Noel, do you have a wine pairing you like with that?

Unfortunately not, Melissa. When having parmesan with truffle honey, I drink no wine. Sans the truffle honey, I do.

Pfohl has a link in commerce corner.

Thanks Bill.

We absolutely love it drizzled over burratta. [friends.gif]

Marshall [cheers.gif]