Trip to Burgundy in May

I’m planning a 3 day/2 night trip to Burgundy in early May and was looking for some recommendations for Domaines that will accept visitors. I’m especially interested in Gevrey-Chambertin, but am open to any suggestions. We speak little to no French, so English speaking will be important. I’d also be interested for restaurant recommendations, especially places that are open on Sundays and/or Mondays


Greg…there are lots of threads on this board on visiting Burgundy. May is a good time to do so. I think those threads (and a search) will answer your questions. Pretty much most places speak English (or someone does) sufficient to visit.

Though I’ve visited many places in Gevrey, a visit to the actual domaine of Philippe Leclerc could be memorable. I’m not so sure he speaks any English, but…I like his wines a lot; he has a store in the village, but his whole operation and facility is worth visiting.

I just returned from Burgundy and will be posting a detailed narrative this weekend.

There are some excellent threads on here already that I used to plan my trip and they proved to be incredibly accurate.

Try rossignol-trapet in Gevrey. They have a website.

Gevrey + English = Fourrier.

If for some reason, you change your dates to late May, Greg, my dad and I will be there from the 25th through to the 29th.

Yes, lots of threads both for wineries and restaurants. A quick list of restos to think about, off the top of my head.

Aupres du Clocher
Caves Madeleine
Caveau des Arches
Ma Cuisine

Sunday brunch at La Ferme de la Ruchotte is a can’t-miss experience–just be sure to book a month in advance.

I just booked an apartment for a week in May. I’ll be there after Greg and before Mike.

Not much open on Sundays. I usually do lunch at La Ferme de la Ruchotte and for dinner just pick on stuff I bought at the market the day before. No menu at La Ferme. You eat what they recently killed. I’ve had chicken and pork there.

As for restaurants, you will find plenty of threads if you do a search.

I agree with Mike’s list of eats and allow me to add a few places that are under the radar and completely awesome:

La Dilettante in Beaune (wine bar run by Lo Lo of Caves Madeleine)

Le Cellier Volnaysien (fantastic local place for lunch in the village of Volnay)

Goutte D’Or (casual bistro in Meursault)

I just booked my accommodations in Beaune from May 9-16. My friend and I are staying at Beaune St Etienne, a 2 bedroom apartment right in the center of town. The reviews on are great. 560 euros for a week for 2 seems like a real deal.


We stayed at the B&B in Vosne Romanee owned by Anne Gros. It is at her winery. We very much enjoyed La Toute Petite Auberge which is a nearby restaurant. We flew in and out of Lyon so we had an opportunity to spend a few days in Lyon which is the gastronomic capital of France. It was a great visit. The old city is amazing and the food is other worldly.

Is La Dilettante open for dinner or is it strictly a lunch place? I’ve done an online search and can’t find that info. This would be on a Friday.

I have been to Mike’s places but not these. Thanks. Where in Beaune is La Dilettante. Is it near Caves Madeleine?

They do not have a kitchen. They do serve charcuterie and cheese and some other stuff. Howard, it is right by Le Benaton.

Yes, I know that, but are they open only during lunch hours or dinner, too?

They are open in the evening. I wouldn’t call it dinner.

I have no problem stuffing myself with jamon iberico (suggested by a friend who’s been there), cheeses, and other similar items and calling it dinner. [cheers.gif]

It’s like Spain. Some Tapas early and then dinner. Gotta load up!!!

We’re heading out to the Jura on Sat. morning for a day trip so I’m not sure we want to get too crazy on Friday. Appointments in Burgundy on a Saturday? No. Jura? Oui! [basic-smile.gif]

I will be in burgundy in may as well! 14th thru 21st.

I know about Volnaysien, just didn’t manage to get there. La Cabotte is on the list too.

Darn it, Maureen—very sorry I’ll just be missing you—don’t drink all the wine!