Winery visits within 1 hour drive?
Restaurant recommendations?

Two you don’t want to miss; both are easy/short trips:

Kozlović Winery, to the south of Trieste

and, just north

Paolo Vodopivec

Don’t know anything there and so, thanks. Going next month and will google and consider within the scheme of our other plans.

I just returned from the area. In addition to the Karst region, if you don’t mind popping in to Slovenia, there are some wonderful winemakers in the Vipava Valley only 45min away.

Between winery visits and meals, I tried too many wines to list here. But, some Vipava producers that stood out included Burja, Sutor, Batič, Štokelj, Mlečnik, and Wipach. They’re all doing really wonderful things with local varietals (Pinela, Zelen, Rebula), and some are making some fantastic wines with more common grapes as well (Merlot, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay).

Also, Brda and Collio are just a little over an hour away with Radikon, Gravner, Movia, Edi Simčič, Ščurek, and others.

Thanks for the added information, Martin.

Will send out correspondence for appointments.


Don’t know if La Subida is reachable within an hour but it will be worth the trip to dine in their highend restaurant. Great food and stunning wine selection

Another fine lunch spot is Dama Bianca north of Trieste - loved it and will go back for the food and the view


Mini trip report.

Drove up 1+ hour for a day trip to Friuli-Venezia Giulia wine region. We enjoyed it a lot just to get put to a very nice region and had fun sampling local wines and cured meats at the cooperative enoteca at Cormons.

Lunch was at Osteria La Subida. Easily our best lunch during our 3-days in the region.