Travel question

I am driving to my parents house. I want to take some white wine that has been at approx 39*F since purchase. I will be driving. Am I better off buying new white when I get there or taking the ones I want and let them warm back up again then rechill. Probably a newbie crazy question, but you guys are my guides.


Take them in an ice chest - no reason for them to warm up!

Well, first off it depends on how long your drive is…but I assume somewhat of length.

You could always go with the shipper route, the wine wont warm up that much in it…and of course, you can insert the shipper into the fridge before hand if you want. Make sure to pack the wine last (but dont forget it). Can also use ice/gel packs in the shipper also…(magnum shipper if the fit is tight (that’s what she said)).

Cooler would also work…but there really isnt that much control…and if you use ice it will get colder than your desired 39.

thanks. I will be using a shipper. I will just put it in in the morning. Drive of about 8 hours so in the trunk I guess it should be OK.