1 2005 Lillian syrah
1 2006 Lillian syrah
1 2003 Pahlmeyer cab
1 2003 Torbreck runrig
1 2004 El nido El nido (clio, big brother)

…all wines purchased on release from local retailer cellar 3years ago

My palate leans heavily french

Looking for:

Franc’s: Marc Plouzeau, Olga Raffault,
Baudry’s, C.Breton…or others

Bords: 2001-2004 Smith Haut Lafitte, Palmer Alter ego, Malartic Lagravière, Reserve de la comtesse
Talbot, Bahans Haut Brion, Sociando’s, D’armailhac, D’issan, Les Carmes Haut Brion, Malescot, Cantenac Brown

though, open to all suggestions…I like Rhone(reds) also burgs(red)


What Chave?

Funny, all the wines you seek, I have.

See ya tonight for the offline!

what r u talking about?? lol

Do you stil have that Caymus? Ive got some Juge to trade.

That Torbreck is calling my name. Willing to offer half a case of Slim Jim Spicy Jalapeño (limited edition) and a coupon for buy one/get one entree at the Sizzler (not valid on Saturdays and holidays).

Every time I open this thread I’m thinking Marc wants to trade Alfert to Chicago for Corey.

I will kill u until u die from it!! :angry:

How often are you hitting it!!

Craig is stalking our posts!!!

bump> trade fell thru

Is that 'fo real, or you just trying to get some action here?

U were begging me for the Pahlmeyer and the Nido and then you disappeared…I had to move on [cry.gif]

actually did fall thru