Tracking the Decline of WineBid 2015-2021

I’ve been back on Winebid the last 2 years and I’m not sure if I like their GSN implementation. I double checked shipping address when I moved and everything has been updated for a while, but the initial invoice still had my old address.

Thankfully, it shipped to the correct address, but it seems like it isn’t a very user friendly experience unless you pay for their membership.

Yeah, I had an issue with this fairly recently. They shipped my package to my old mailing address – they luckily were able to get it sent back to the warehouse, but not the most user-friendly interface.


I have seen a slowdown in bidding on winebid over the past few weeks. Guessing this is seasonal? I have been able to get some nice deals. Does this always happen around this time of year?

I hate their new storage fees and shipping is getting high that it’s only worth it for more expensive bottles. I was using them for some more bargain stuff but not now.

I just shipped a case for 38.90 to colorado. That seems crazy cheap?


I’ve noticed this also along with other auction sites so I’m happy with less competition.

Yeah, it’s the whole market - not just WineBid. And if anything this should be the high season.

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That does sound cheap. Just shipped a case to Ohio for $60

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Yea, any time I get less than $4/btl I feel like I’m making out like a bandit…

I bought a California cab from the 80’s for $15 to troll my friends. With the fees anything over $30 feels like a slap in the face.

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just shipped a case from winebid. i have noticed less bidding generally…and less last minute bidding wars.

i used to use winebid to scoop up some celebratory bottles but those are being bid up far more than i wish to pay. ive gone down a notch and noticed that my purchases have mostly been from lesser 1er appelations for a song. beune 1ers…things like that. lots of deals in that area on winebid but i dont get the same thrill.

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I’m having two cases shipped right now from California to Florida for $117. That seems pretty reasonable to me. Not a fan of the storage fee but I get it. I don’t think I use wine bid as much as I used to, but I still pick up some nice wines on a routine basis.


I picked up a case of dessert wines recently from the '70s with just the minimum bid.

I have noticed no last minute Sunday sniping.