Tom - incredible event, and great notes…thank you!

So what was the thinking behind the serving order? It’s definitely unconventional. I like the idea of stepping back with the Ech before the RC.

Fantastic notes on the 06 RC RC. A wine that I will likely never have, but one who I can empathize its brilliance via your eloquence. Sounds like a superb night indeed!

Why was the Echezeaux poured with the RC? I must confess, having tasted these wines, I do not agree with that pairing…

2006 RSV is amazing!

Great tasting Tom. The Richebourg sounds awesome. So where do you think 2006 DRC overall fits in with other recent vintages?



Your tasting notes are too long. Where are the Jay Miller aka Cliff Notes?


I can only live vicariously through your tasting notes as I doubt many (if any) of these wines will pass my lips for a variety of reasons.

Beautiful to just read!