Topic title already in use #2

Starting a thread with an already existing title

Change or add anything, and you’re there

Except that’s pretty dumb for a tasting note on a specific wine,

I’ll adapt. It’s just the one thing about this new site that really pisses me off.

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How about tack the date on the end?

In that case it makes perfect sense to add the note to the existing thread so it’s easier to find related notes.

Yes, it’s just an extra back and forth that I find annoying, especially with the rudimentary search capabilities.

I have to assume this is either in jest or you’ve not used the search function - it’s quite feature-rich and easy to use

Regardless, I’ve changed the setting so duplicate titles are allowed

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I’ve heard about this great new search and I agree it’s easy to use, but the results are peculiar. It never seems to find what I’m looking for. Search for 3 words that are all in a title of a very large and popular thread and that thread is nowhere to be found. The relevance algorithm doesn’t seem to be intuitive.


I will start a new thread on this - there are so many functions with search here, you just have to poke around a bit.

Here’s the thread: