Top Chef Season Nine - Texas

I am pleased as punch to report that I met Gail Simmons today.

(Now I can overlook the bitchiness about the word getting out about the show filming in Texas.)

I was lunching at Ma Peche with an old friend who is a cookbook writer/editor who knows Gail.

Between the elfin features and the serious rack, Gail is a walking, talking Takashi Murakami character. Seemed very nice, though.

Never watched this show, don’t intend to watch this show but your reference to the rack had me intrigued so I looked her up on Google Images. That’s not just serious, it’s world class. [berserker.gif]

It is a decent show. Just wish I could taste the food too.

Gail Simmons … Oh yeah, I’d boink her.

Padma, on the other hand … DUH. Oh yeah.