Top CdB reds (Volnay, Corton, Pommard)

While I have found a few threads on top CdN and a couple of them on Volnay, haven’t found a comprehensive thread on top reds from Côte de Beaune.

Normally people refer to CdB in context of QPRs, but wondering what producers/ vineyards would be considered as the top 5-10 of CdB.

Of the ones I have had, I have quite liked D’Angerville Taillepieds and Faiveley Cortons.

I would throw a few names and would love to hear from others.

Faiveley Clos Des Cortons

D’Angerville (Champans, Caillerets, Taillepieds, Chenes, Ducs)
Lafarge (Chenes, Ducs, Caillerets)

Not sure how would Caillerets from Clerget, Boillot & Nicolas Rossignol and Chenes from JM bouley would compare to D’Angerville and Lafarge.

Pommard - you have got many producers making Rugiens and then a couple of other options (Epenots/ Epeneaux)
Nicolas Rossignol Epenots
Comte Armand Epeneaux
Montille Rugiens Bas

Not sure how would Rugiens from Domaine De Courcel, Launay Horiot, JM Bouley and Boillot compare

I don’t think JM Bouley makes a Clos des Ducs, unless it was a one-off? His Pommard Rugiens and Volnay Chenes are both very fine, IMO, and his recent vintages are even better than the wines from 5 years ago.

The “top” current release red wine from CdB, in terms of price and maybe quality, is DRC’s red Corton. The next highest priced wine, I believe, is de Montille’s Pommard Rugiens, Cuvee Hubert, which was released to the US market at around $800/magnum. It was bottled in 2015, and I’m not sure if it was a one-off, or will be selectively released in the future. I haven’t tasted it, so can’t speak to quality.

Other wines that should be considered, for longevity if nothing else, are Drouhin’s Clos does Mouches and Bouchard’s Enfant Jesus. Both have long track records of aging for 50 years or more.

De Montille


Those are the most complete IMHO. Even if Lafarge could be my all time fav producer, I still believe that De Montille’s Rugiens is the best wine South of Beaune. Best = most consistent, enjoyable, reaching peaks.

That said all you mention is fair game and it is nice to indulge in 1st world problems.

I notice in CT there is no listing for de montille rugiens since 2007. Does Etienne no longer make the wine?

Since 2008 he has labeled it “Rugiens-Bas” to brand it as coming from what he believes (understandably) is the best part of Rugiens.

I like the thibault liger belair’s corton renarde

Faiveley Grand Cru Monopole Clos Des Cortons
Rapet Corton Grand Cru (and the Pougets)

De Montille 1er Cru Rugiens Bas

Henri Boillot Volnay 1er Les Chevrets
Henri Boillot Volnay 1er Les Fremiets
Henri Boillot Volnay 1er Les Caillerets

Not sure what happened in the 2016/17 vintage but in 2015 it was offered to the UK market as one magnum of the Pommard Rugiens Cuvee Hubert and one of the Vosne Malconsorts Cuvee Christaine. They didn’t bundle them to consumers in 2016 or 2017 and I resumed only buying the Christaine although would have bought the Rugiens if offered as it’s a terrific wine. Not sure if they are still calling it Cuvee Hubert. Will certainly second any suggestion that de Montille are making wonderful CdB reds. In addition to the Pommard, the Volnays (Taillepieds, Champans, Mitans) are very high quality.

Very interesting thread! I don’t suppose anyone is promoting wines they sell on here?

You are right. It’s Clos Des Chenes.

One of the catalyst behind the thread was the prices of Lafarge & D’Angerville. A combination of demand and small production means prices for their premier crus (Chenes, Ducs, Taillepieds) from recent vintages have become quite high (mostly >$200 for 15/16). So at that price point they begun to be more expensive than some of my favorite CdN wines (eg Jadot CSJ). So at some point I would love to do a side by side of top CdB reds and similarly priced CdN reds