Todd L. Buyers beware

Did a deal with Todd on 6 bottles. The next day he reneged. Decided he didn’t get the “right price”. Just beware if he puts bottles up that you may be wasting your time.

FWIW, I have NEVER had a problem with any trade as far as my payment as a buyer or my delivery as a seller in 10 years on Winecommune, Ebay or any of the wine boards.

After one day of not hearing from me (I was traveling across the country) rather than ask me if there was a problem, he simply reneged. Childish and frustrating.

I gave him all the information the day prior and asked for shipping info. email and phone. No response. I heard nothing from him until now. No mention anything, he went black.

As far as I was concerned he was thinking about it or chose not to get back to me for over 24 hours. Regardless, he’s just acting petulant because he missed out on a great deal because his communication lacked.

While we’re discussing where wine is, maybe Todd would like to explain where my wine is? I sent you wine in good faith for a trade, then poof, no wine, no contact.
Very long story but Todd or whatever alias you want to go by. You DO NOT answer in a timely manner and that’s if you ever do.

I have dealt with Jeff in the past with substantial qty and dollar value of wine with ZERO issues.

Agree . Jeff is the best.

Successful transaction with Jeff as well

I have no clue who Todd L is but I’ve had many great dealings with both Jeff and Carrie so if they say there’s a problem I would be careful!

‘Todd La Marshe’ (spelling may change with ID) was the dirtbag who was scamming people here in 2010 and telling threatening stories about how he was an ex-SEAL and would be happy to take on any unsatisfied customers in a more direct way. I would steer clear of this individual.

In fact, I thought that Jorge and Todd banned this guy from the board, or at least Commerce Corner?

“If you ever try to buy wine private in the area, Detroit & Windsor. You will go through HELL if his name is Todd LaMarsh…”

From a 2007 discussion on Spectator board…

Glad I posted! Good luck out there everybody.

To all those who posted or care:

I am the other party to this transaction regarding the Myriad wine. I contacted Todd shortly after Jeff. Todd told me the price is $$$ and the first person who responds gets the wine i.e. first come first served. I have found this to be a fairly standard practice when purchasing online. None of this alarmed me and I proceeded with Todd to purchase the wine. Once we agreed, he actually shipped the wine from a UPS store prior to me sending my funds via Paypal. I was shocked that he would do that and felt that he was a stand up guy for trying to move the shipping part along as quickly as possible. Within the hour I sent him the funds via paypal and then the story gets a little crazy.

Todd send me a pm letting me know that the other buyer “jeff” ( who I do not know and I am sure is a good man and valued member of our group) has posted a rather ugly note regarding this transaction. This took me by surprise and I assumed there was possibly a miscommunication which had occurred and created this unfortunate situation.

I reached out to Jeff and Carrie who had also complained about Todd. Jeff suggested that he had offered me the wine at a higher price than he had agreed to pay which irked me. I asked Todd for further clarification and he offered me all the communication between Jeff and Todd. Jeff was mistaken the price was the same. When I brought this up to Todd he offered to give me the excess funds despite that not being the case and provided me his cell to talk it through. Within 30 minutes the funds were in my account before I even asked for them. This was not necessary and Todd was clearly trying to to make sure I was happy with the transaction. He told me was going to reach put to Carrie and try to make amens for past mistakes made in 2008.

I noticed on the other forum where he had issues back in 2008. I also saw lots of communication from the last few years where he has conducted lots of business with no problems.

It is not my intention to say that anyone is at fault in this situation but I do believe that Jeff “may” have overreacted in this case. After all, this type of first come first served stuff happens to all of us. I also believe that Todd could have conveyed that time was of the essence to Jeff.

In any case, I received my wine today as promised and in perfect condition. Todd was very responsive and communicated well during the transaction to attempt to allay my concerns. There are always many sides to a story and I felt it is worthwhile for me to share my experiences. I for one will do business with Todd in the future.

I hope this clears up this situation and helps people decide whether they want to do business with Todd or not. Please take this for what it is, an honest accounting of the transaction. I have bought a great deal of wine from many people on this board and appreciate the community that has been built.

He told me we had a deal.
There was zero indication that I was in competition for wine that he had already sold me.

I did not overreact.