Today's Greatest Beer EVER!

Brasserie de Rochefort (aka Abbaye de Notre-Dame de Saint-Rémy) in Belgium is the source of my absolutely, most excellent, favorite beer (for today)!

A doppel, #8 has a nutty brown color with fine white lacing. Aromatically, this brew brings both fresh fruit and leather. Crisp acidity and a hint of hop tighten this amidships and clarify the flavors of malty spiced nuts and figs. This is one of the most balanced and pleasurable beers in the world.

Tasted this yesterday, doubled up on the order so I could take a case home:" onclick=";return false;

Yes, they are cans (new technology, becoming a big trend) and, yes, being Siamese Twins, it comes in a TWO-pac!

Moylan’s Hopsickle from the Bay Area - just getting hooked on this stuff -

I gotta try this.
It sounds wonderful.

Warsteiner Dunkel is my Fav right now… Just as smooth as sin!

Thomas - can you describe this beer? Just curious, I haven’t seen it anywhere.


Brewery in Quebec, “Cheval Blanc”. Sour ales. Names with nautical themes. Loch Ness was awfully good but “Titanic” was unbelievable. Hasn’t been imported into Florida for 6-8 years now, but I still have fond memories…Best non-Belgian ale I can recall… [cray.gif]

I don’t know about greatest but I was more than pleasantly surprised by the Sapporo Black I tried a few weeks ago.

Belgian beers are the best IMO! Non-belgian, a neighbor had me over for a few recently and turned me on the following . . .

It’s really good . . .

Last night, downed a Three Floyd’s Alpha King… I was as close to stunned as I ever have been by a beer. Yowza.

At the moment, I am addicted to Duchesse de Bourgogne – a Flanders sour ale. A .750 of kinky pleasure. I discussed it a little bit in an earlier thread about sour beers. I have decided that sour beer and the warmer months go well together.

Three Floyds make GREAT beers in my book!

Try the Gumball Head.

Finally something out of Indiana I can brag about!

If you can find it on tap, it’s even better

I got to taste Westvleteren when we went to Belgium a couple of years ago. And a Belgian friend might be bringing more.

There is so much flavor (I can’t remember which one I tried) that it is almost exhausting to drink. A very memorable experience.

Geez, I got so confused!! I saw Greatest BEEF ever and was wondering why I didn’t get it…

Ever hear of Bryan Flannery?


it’s liquid hops … it’s the only beer i’ve ever had that I considered “just too hoppy” … and I’m a huge hophead. It’s a triple IPA. I think Moylan’s double is pretty good, however.