Tobasco Avery Island Reserve

On my last bottle from last year’s buy in.

Anyone hear anything yet for this year? Waiting for my allocation.

The shizzle rocks!!!

I bought several bottles and gave all but one of them away as gifts.

Still nursing the one I kept. Beautiful stuff.

But I don’t remember hearing that it was an annual deal, more like “once in a blue moon”

I hope they do it again. They would have LOTS of eager customers, including many people who missed out on the first time.

You guys have piqued my interest, where do you get this from?

It was a limited edition, very special stuff, only available from them.

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Some folks “flipped” it and I think the price approached $100 a bottle. When Louise uses it in an omelet instead of the regular stuff I can tell immediately.

Damn…sounds like I need to cash in…

If you are REALLY interested, check eBay =NOW=

Bottle for $40. Not from me or anyone I know." onclick=";return false;

As someone mentioned, I was under the impression it was an unusual offering last year. Bought a bunch to give away and kept four in my pantry. Two down, two to go…I really enjoy the stuff.

If anyone does hear of Tobasco selling it again, please post!