To many lists, stressing out ill miss something,am i the only one ?

I know this is a first world problem but does anyone else worry about what you are not buying rather than what you are buying ?

My purchases this year have included Saxum, Ridge MB, Bedrock, Carlisle, Quivet, Becklyn, Denner and a few more im forgetting, certainly by any Californian wine fans standards a very healthy list with high quality, good variety, great value and also a few highly collectible items thrown in, i should not in any way be concerened that buying the 12’s & 13’s from these producers is anything less than a great haul of wine.

Now obviously based above im fortunate to have a good wine budget, not as high as some people but a lot higher than the vast majority of wine drinkers. Within my budget i have to pass on a lot of lists that just sound so appealing to me, like Kosta this spring, Myriad, Keplinger syrahs, Kutch pinot, Aubert, Kistler, Soujourn and a whole bunch of others.

Am i alone is stressing out that i might have missed the best things out there ? just curious if others stress about the wines they have to pass on due to budget or other reasons.

Before anyone states the obvious, i am well aware how fortunate i am to get what i already get so this is not some lost soul looking for sympathy im just curious if im the only one


I have a hand written list of all the mailers I am expecting. Each time I buy from one I cross another one off the list. Plan is to only buy from 50% of what I am on this go around.

FOMO, for me, lives more with retailers. Some of the wine i collect exist in relatively small quantities. There are many producers/bottlings that aren’t offered to me, but go instead to better customers of the shop (a practice I support since I do benefit from it at times, too). Am I bummed that I don’t receive all the great wine offers out there? Sometimes. But the reality is, there’s plenty of great wine to drink.


Im not talking about the offers i dont get, im talking about the ones i do get but have to pass on due to budget

In that case, no, I don’t worry about what I’m not buying.

No matter how much you buy and how many lists you get on there are still scores more that you wish you could buy.
As you wean yourself off some lists look in the secondary market where you can find many of those same wines, at a lower cost, that someone else cellared for you.

Either cut quantities and get wine from more wineries or figure out what you really like and just concentrate on those.

I cut my mailing list buys by 75% (or more), that is one way to do it.

My frustration now comes from the fact that of chosen lists I plan to buy from, they only allocated me one bottle of the wine I most wanted and had to wishlist the second.

If there are some of the producers you mentioned passing on that are lingering on your mind, why not just source a few bottles at retail, drink over dinner & see if it matters enough to repurchase via mail list?

I don’t have that many, and thankfully only one list penalizes me for not buying from a specific mailer. That said, have a hard time skipping bottlings or even only buying 1 of something. Part of this is sentimental (but not without value to me), but IMO there is a palate development upside to drinking the same wines over the years.

Anyway, to add variety, I’ve dropped off one list, cut quantities on all others, and specifically cut back on the higher-end bottlings. This has generally worked ok, but is not pleasant. Brass tacks: most of us want to experience more wine than we can afford and/or justify, and at a certain point, no amount of planning, budgeting, etc. can mitigate that. #AnotherAmericanProblem

If buying wine is causing you stress, you are doing it wrong, wine was made to reduce stress. How much of this do you actually drink?. Are you buying out of habit? There will always be way more good and great wine made than you will ever be able to purchase. Let it go.

I’ve already not ordered from two this Fall. And yes, I did feel weird about it.

Not really. I’m working hard enough simply to be able to buy the few measly bottles I can buy!

Alan, I used to stress when I first started out. So much product, not enough dollars to allocate. It was natural that I would be passing up bottles that I would possibly regret not purchasing. But over time, those perceptions changed, as I noticed I could source a majority of those bottles on the secondary market (Retail, Auction, Commerce Corner, etc), sometimes at prices below List. By waiting an extra year or two or three after release, I was able to find more notes on CT, and was able to make more of a sound decision whether I really needed that bottle or not, so I became more selective in the process. Over my brief time of collecting I know one thing, there is a lot of product out there! And I know I can’t have it all. But ever so often, I will see a bottle pop up at Auction, or sold back to K&L from a Collector, that I will pull the trigger on. So no, I don’t stress anymore that I may have missed something as that something will always come back to find me for a second time or third, whether I purchase it or not.

[welldone.gif] [winner.gif] The key words in Alan’s post were “i might have missed the best things out there”. I think this is the cause of his stress, and I think we have all gone through it at one time or another. But, there is always next year and there is always more wine. At no point will any of us be able to buy everything out there.

One thing for me, I am in a monthly wine tasting group and I tend to go to other offlines with friends. One thing I do emphasize (in addition to just buying wines I like) is to try to have wines for likely offline themes. It helps that I organize most of our offlines, but I thought that might be a way of framing some of this. If you have a group, and you know friends are buying wines from one winery, maybe skip that one and get wines from another one that will fit a theme figuring you get to try their wines and they get to try yours.

I passed on the 2012 Horsepower wines…that hurt. However, they were really kind and understood when I emailed asking to buy the following year. So I think sometimes it’s worth writing to some of the wineries and asking them if you can pass if you want to continue purchasing the following year.

Buying more from fewer producers (Myriad and ROAR). Equals less stress.

I admit to getting mailing list fatigue.

I occasionally stress out over lists that I pass on, though generally once I delete the email I don’t think about it again. The one that bugged me this year was skipping Myriad '12. Looking in WSPro right now I see almost the entire range available at (mostly) near-release prices. Bought enough 12/13 Cali’s though, at this point I can withhold the credit card easily enough.

The toughest are super rare wines that have minimal distribution. Generally if I see nothing available on WSPro, and 20 or 30 bottles per wine for recent vintages in CT, that wine besotted devil on my shoulder starts whispering in my ear “OMG if you don’t buy this now you’ll never get the chance in the future.” Or could happen with wines I love that have seen huge price increases in the secondary markets (Aubert I’m looking at you).

What’s a mailing list? [wink.gif]

I read these threads an thank myself that such concepts don’t exist here.

The only one I would like to have joined (but too impractical) is Wendouree. Partly for the wines, partly for the history/tradition, but I fear also partly for the excitement of which colour crayon I’d get each year!