To clarify, for the record, Jay Miller has tasted my wines.

Since my post here on wineberserkers, Jay Miller has tasted my wines and he has stated that he liked them all, well enough to recommend them. He sent me an email this morning and stated they would be published in the supplement to Spain report. I wanted to set the record straight so people don’t think he has ignored my plea to recognize us as a small producer and even smaller importer. [dance-clap.gif]

I had wanted to sit down with him as I stated, he felt it was not a good use of his time to sit for 8 wines only. I agreed to this as I know he is a busy person and my main goal was to have him enjoy my wines. Maybe next year I will be invited to share my new releases with him. I hope so.


They need to get at least 95 points, otherwise he really doesn’t like them.

I know RMP saw your letter, since I sent him a copy of it… it is good that they were willing to taste the wines…

Since when does it matter what Jay thinks. neener

Nola, Congrats, since the other 99% of the world does matter!!

Congrats Nola.

And now for something completely different, as an ex-Ohioian myself (I was born in Youngstown and lived in Cleveland) I am fascinated by someone who splits their time bewteen Dayton and Spain. And more than a little jealous! Spain is one of the few European countries we have not been to, but it is definately on the short list.

Nola, wonderful news.

Scott, thanks for helping a sister out.

Sounds great, Nola. While I don’t care at all what Jay or RMP say about a wine, as I don’t buy on ratings, it’s great news for a winemaker because many people still do - millions of them do.

Looks like the Berserker community is helping make things happen for its ITB’ers - way to go, Scott.

What a complete cluster F**k this has become. When wineries have to let us know that their wines have been tasted or that the right wines were tasted and yet still you may or may not get the information need to make a informed decision since the critique may only have a number.

Congrats Nola! My guess is that the Nolados gets the best rating, it was the one that stood out the most for me.

It’s all about the number, baby! [dance-clap.gif]

Here’s hoping you get at least a 90!

(Since no one would buy a wine that gets less.)



You got to start posting more often.

I have to agree with Larry. Making wines for critics may be a slippery slope. Making wines for wine-lovers may not pay the bills as well, but where do we draw the line?

With the world getting smaller, I hope professional critics roles become smaller as well. Would we really miss them? [stirthepothal.gif]
I for one won’t.

Boy, there seem to be a lot of stories on Jay Miller all of a sudden. I must admit I have never paid that much attention to his reviews.


That is what happens when you are a bad boy.


What night should I look for your midnight e mail regarding Nolas wines? [dance-clap.gif]

Nola’s wines are not available in New York, yet, although, I have talked to a few suppliers about them.

Too bad, I do not have as much pull as Max.

Did you/she try Polaner?

Will never happen, in bed with Jay Miller’s friend, Eric Solomon.



I put Nola in touch with Harmon Skurnik. Seems like a good start. Bowler has Jose Pastor stuff that they already are trying to push.