TNs with some solid performers

  • 2001 Montesquieu Cabernet Sauvignon Morpheus - USA, California, Napa Valley (3/27/2011)
    This wine has come into it’s own. Notes of cassis, mature cherry and a nice mellow oakiness. At peak for my palate. This wine has been so irregular in the past. But last night, it shined. (93 pts.)
  • 2004 Linne Calodo Cherry Red - USA, California, Central Coast, Paso Robles (3/27/2011)
    Time has mellowed out some of the spritzy and tart issues with this wine. It showed really well. Bright young red fruit. I got mostly plums. Not a lot of peppery or brambly characteristics. Just yummy fruit without the sweetiness. Rounded edges and still pops around in mouth with bright, youthful acidity. Now I get it. These wines need rest and this bottle showed why. No apparent heat on finish. (92 pts.)
  • 2007 Cayuse Syrah Cailloux Vineyard - USA, Washington, Columbia Valley, Walla Walla Valley (3/27/2011)
    Decanter for 3 hours. A thinking man’s wine. Not a pleasure bomb but laser focused in it’s trueness and puriity of flavors. I got mostly bright tart young cherry for fruit. It did not have the heavy road tar profile, but slight tar floated around the fruit. The nose was rustic,with some earthiness with some funkiness. Slightly wet fur with delicious truffles on the finish. Time will indeed help this wine. Won’t touch the next one for at least a few years. (92 pts.)
  • 2007 Stewart Cabernet Sauvignon - USA, California, Napa Valley (3/27/2011)
    Nice solid effort. A bit hollow in mid palate. Finish was just ok. The fruit was there. Mostly cherries but lacked complexity. Good but not great. (90 pts.)

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