TNs: Williiams Selyem pinots

After a week in Champagne drinking fine bubbly and a week in Amsterdam drinking great Dutch and Belgium beers, I returned needing my pinot noir fix. I thought this to be the perfect time to open some 7-8 year old Williams Selyems and see how they are progressing:

2002 WILLIAMS SELYEM SONOMA COAST- very rich and deep, youthful color; definitely sandalwood in the nose with wild berries, cranberries, raspberries and spices in a medium body with a lasting finish; delightful; consistent with the last bottle 6 months ago.

2002 WILLIAMS SELYEM RUSSIAN RIVER VALLEY- wonderful violets, cherries and spice in the nose and taste, again youthful in color, some vanilla and talc, drinking beautifully as experienced before.

2002 WILLIAMS SELYEM FLAX- black cherries and black berries dominate this fine pinot in a medium full body,a little cola and spice top it off; another winner.

2002 WILLIAMS SELYEM FERRINGTON- again, youthful deep color, wild cherries, rose petal, good acidity, rich and v=creamy, a little toast oak on the finish- love it.

2002 WILLIAMS SELYEM ROCHIOLI RIVERBLOCK- great wine; full bodied, complex and balanced; blackberries, plums and blueberries, some chocolate and mocha flavors, age this 4-6 years more.

2003 WILLIAMS SELYEM RUSSIAN RIVER VALLEY- a fabulous wine; black berries, cherries, rich and full bodied with great length; very youthful and vibrant.

2003 WILLIAMS SELYEM SONOMA COAST- always a favorite form Burt`s days, this is full of ripe, wild fruit, a little toast, nuttiness and pepper, firm tannins and great length, try again in 2-4 years.

Tonight, it is the 03 Westside Neighbors and this weekend, it will be 97 Allen and 97 Precious Mountain, the last vintage Burt finished. Im salivating.


That’s some serious Pinot. Was that in one sitting?
Guess a week in Amsterdam can do that to you.
[insert appropriate smiley here]
Thanks for the notes. I often wonder whether the more recent vintages (04-08) will do as well.

T- Each pinot was drunk per night. Tonight we are dining at Melisse in Santa Monica where the 97 Precious Mountain will be opened and tomorrow night, we dine at Campanile in LA and well open the 97` Allen. Both of these dinners are after rounds of golf. Life is good.

My thoughts on the 04-08 is they will be good. Bob Cabral is doing a credible job crafting the wines and they have excellent sources of quality fruit. Im impressed and that comes after being one of Burt Williams most dedicated supporters and good friend.

What year did Burt stop making the wines? I thought it was the 97 vintage?

Yes, you are correct. He finished the 97s which is why Im drinking one tonight and tomorrow night after a week of Cabral`s wines.

Great notes, Blake. Had my last bottle of 97 Allen myself over the weekend. It was showing spectacularly. An easy A. Wonderful depth and brightness.

Thanks for the notes on these, good to know. I’m also be big Belgian beer fan, and have noticed that a lot of Burg/pinot drinker friends are too. Aromatic complexity, I suppose.


Robert, I dont know about the aromatics complexity, but I do know I love most Belgium beers and I dont even want to look at a Bud, Coors and the like ever since. The first time I was in the country [Brugge], I set out to explore every Belgium beer made and almost accomplished it it the first of 3 days. I did not drink a lot on the next 2 days other than water, something about the alcohol content I forgot to notice on each bottle.