TN's: Weekly Highlights 8/1-8/7

The best of the week

'09 Mug’s Diet Root Beer - lively effervescence, good frothiness as well. Dark brown colored. Sassafras and sarsaparilla flavors dominate. A hint of cherry on the finish. Good level of artificial sweetness without tasting too “artificial”. Need to taste this side by side with '09 A&W Diet Root Beer. Very good plus

'09 Vantage Lemon-Lime Seltzer - lively effervescence, but no froth. Transparent. Other than the lemon and lime flavors, not much else going on. A bit too gassy, but very refreshing. Very good minus

One week on the wagon complete - Four and half more weeks to go.


Adding born on or expiration dates to your notes would be appreciated. How else am I going to be able to track down the same batch as you to try? [wink.gif]

Shouldn’t it be August vs. September? neener

Cut Ray some slack… all that high fructose corn syrup really messes with your system. He may not know it’s not September yet [wink.gif]

I was channeling.

Don’t know what month it is, what forum to post in… maybe this wagon thing isn’t for me.

And the really bad thing is I just found out my porn name is Emily Railroad.

You really like that low dosage stuff? neener

Are you doing this for health reasons or fun or “other”, Emily?

I once became a vegetarian for three months out of spite . . . [bow]

Want to drop a few pounds and the only way I can it to cut out the vino and the wine dinners.
Also, I’m sure my liver won’t be complaining.

impressive Ray.


It could be worse. I married Fluffy Klickitat.