TNs: Vilmart, Cristal, Marguet, Selyem, Liquid Farm and Rhys

We need to put a bubblefest together and just open it to the world.


I like the 2014 Grand Cellier d’Or and think it will age well and slowly gain in richness over time (for those looking for that). It is a notch behind the 2011 Coeur de Cuvee for me, but it has a lot of structure and length (partly due to its younger age, partly due to the vine and picking selection, and partly due to less oak impact). A more tart driven wine with a touch of sweetness and plenty of yellow and green apple along with tart citrus and peach. Not quite as characterful as the 2011 Coeur (which was still not all that expressive in the realm of Coeur de Cuvee for me), but a great, well made, tasty, straight forward, traditional wine. Warmth and air open this wine up nicely and it is a bit more straight down the middle than the 2011 Coeur.

A really good buy for the price and an easy buy for me.

Thank you, Brad. I’ll open one once I have them.

On a related note since we are o n the subject of Champagne, were your recent tastings part of Le Printemps? If so, do you plan to post any comments about the event and your impressions?


Yes, I am currently writing up some thoughts on Le Printemps des Champagnes. I love the concept and really enjoyed it as it blossomed from its birth as one tasting in 2009 to a handful by 2014, but now the entire 5-6 day event has become less fun every year with crowding, competing tastings, less focus on vins clairs, and less than stellar organization at some tastings. It is good to get a snapshot at some new wines/wineries and make a quick binary interested/not interested call, but nothing beats a real visit with real time to spend with a producer. I do mix these in during my time there, but a lot of the tastings seem too rushed now; not to mention the non-stop parade of folks trying to take pictures and video for social media or asking the most popular and allocated producers if they have an importer. Not trying to be a downer on the week, but this year it just seemed too much and I am expected to do most of it. If you can pick and choose just a few tastings and do them at a more leisurely pace, it can still be very enjoyable.

[quote2016 Liquid Farm Chardonnay La Hermana - USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Maria Valley (4/28/2019)
Aromatic has a fair amount of toast. The core of the wine drank terrific, with nectarine, yellow apple and river rock/mineral finish. It also reflects to me a more medium weight and it’s built well. This bottle impressed me.][/quote] Will have to try this vintage. Love Liquid Farm Chards

I guess then I am not bummed to have cancelled my plan to visit this month. I did enough of these kinds of events in the past (in California) and I no longer enjoy the aspects you described, Brad. Instead, when I get back to the area, what I hope is before Fall, I will stay with the appointment based visits I did in 2018. Those were tremendous to learn the area, meet people and build new relationships with the wineries I had/have been supporting.

In what venue or channel will you post your thoughts from this month, Brad?

When was the last time Brad published a news letter with tasting notes? I have never received one after subscribing a year or so ago.


I know and I don’t blame anyone for being upset or frustrated. No excuses. I’ve been bad or, more honestly, just not had time to finish anything, but that is on me and no one else. I’m not travelling anywhere for the next week so I should be able to get a lot done. Issue 23 will finally come out by the end of the month and the main feature will be Lilbert, there will also be 330+ tasting notes. Not asking anyone to believe me until it happens and then I need to stay focused for Issue 24 and thereafter.


If you do certain events at certain times at a leisurely pace and without expectations, it can be fun and you can make new discoveries. Doing this, however, means missing out on 80% of the really good stuff which includes the absolute best stuff, but also includes putting up with the uncomfortable aspects of things. You can have a good time with the other 20% of the really good stuff, but it depends on your mindset and goals. The week is fun to do and you can party into the night with all sorts of amazing bottles if that is your thing. I think it is worth doing at least once to experience, but it was at its best in the 2012-2014 period when it was growing, but you could still do it all and not feel completely overwhelmed.

As for the article, it will post in the Champagne Warrior Newsletter. I promise the next issue will be out this month as I finally have enough faith I can fulfill it.

Thanks for the response Brad. I’m rooting for you to make it happen as our palates align nicely and I really enjoy reading your notes.