TNs: Seasmoke, Nido, Walter Hansel, Maybach

We got together for dinner, and this is what we had:

05 Seasmoke Southing: Dark color and nose. Lots of blackberry and spices. The palate remains the huge Seasmoke spicy and smoky classic. I love this wine. The tannins are almost imperceptible. Great wine.

04 Walter Hansel North Slope:
Again, great nose of purple fruit and cinnamon. A little smoke on this one as well. Juicy palate full of dark and bright fruit both. The tannins are even better resolved than Seasmoke’s. Very hedonistic tonight. Been meaning to have these side by side and on this night the WH won.

06 Maybach:
What can I say, I couldnt wait. Great cab nose with cranberries, a little grilled beef, smoke, and a bit of herbs. The palate has loads of brighter fruits, but we didnt give it much air so it showed a bit hot and tight. Nonetheless the stuffing is there…I got my sixer and I should have prepped it better, but Im happy I went all in…this will be great and might be now if given some air.

03 El Nido, El Nido
Huge nose of purple, roasted fruits. The nose is sweet in a pleasing way. Little heat, surprisingly. The palate is big and sweet with very ripe fruit…velvety. Very smooth finish too. I think this is very ready for drinking. Loved it.

05 Carnival of Love
As usual, huge, dark and sweet. Still the best COL to date. Both red and black fruits. A little pepper and a lot of black and blue berries. Very smooth.

05 Kiona Ice wine
Picked some up on a whim for 23 a bottle. Damn! Great nose of green apples, cider apples and peach. The palate is viscous and succulent. Ripe peaches, apples and banannas with an enormous finish. Yummy for the price…now hunting for a case.

My Maybach ships next week…weather permitting and it will take all I have to not crack a bottle.

Interesting that the '05 COL showed so well.

You are making it really hard not to buy some 05 Sea Smoke. Curses!

Timely note. I just brought some of the '05 Southing back from my offsite. Guess what I’ll be drinking this weekend? [cheers.gif]

Nice dinner wines!!

Shit Tex…crack one just give it lots of air…
As for the COL, Ive always liked it…btw…I just had the 05 Boxer last week again…Ill be damned if it hasnt smoothed out a lot. I was really susprised. Hijacked my own thread!

Eh…I usually bring the wines, my buddy Paul pays for the meal, but he had a COL with him, and I intended to do the Pinots and the Maybach. I wanted the side by side with the pinots and I just wanted to try the Maybach. But I also had the El Nido in my car because Id just bought it and got it in yesterday…we still had stuff to talk (or slurr) about so we kept going and the owner joined us [drinkers.gif]