TNs: Salmon & Rose' +1

An absolutely gorgeous day here in the Delaware Valley - sunny, no humidity to speak of, low '80’s. Just picked up some Coho Salmon to slap on the grill, and I’m opening up two rose’s to pair with it. First up:

2010 Chateau de Segries Tavel

Man, what a bright pink/orange in the glass - much deeper/brighter colored than many rose’ (including the next one I will be opening). This is probably a holdover bottle purchased after last year’s rose’ review by Josh Raynolds in the IWC.

Interesting nose, with blood orange, some citrus pith, and a hint of confected sweetness, more candied than fresh fruit.

Bright acidity, sweet fruit, lengthy finish - really interesting, if a bit more “in your face” than what you’d normally expect from rose’. I like it, although my sense is I will like the next wine better.

2011 Gerard Boulay Sancerre

Not sure how many shades lighter than the first wine; let’s just say a lot lighter, more like a salmon-colored wine. There is a “purity” and focus to the nose (I know, lousy descriptors that don’t tell you anything about the wine, but what can I say).

Lithe and brisk on the palate; this became our defacto “house rose’” for a while, and I think Boulay makes a style that definitely rewards some time in the bottle (although also great on release). I haven’t had the chance to try the 2012 yet, but last year’s release is still quite nice today.

2010 Domaine de Chassorney Auxey-Duresses "Les Crais"

A gift from Monsieur Trimpi a while back, this has a yellow-gold appearance in the glass. I love the nose here - white fruit cocktail framed by acidity, maybe even a hint of banana.

Ripe white fruits on the palate (again I get that banana/tropical fruit nuance). Light-bodied, copious acidity, very AFWE-friendly. If my recall is correct, this is not currently imported, but Rich does bring back a bottle or so during his jaunts to Paris [cheers.gif] .