TNs: Saint Emillions

Our monthly luncheon group had a wonderful meal at a local restaurant yesterday that featured wines from Saint Emillion as follows:

1961 TROPOLONG MONDET- we started with old to young and this one shined and was my WOTD even though there were really no standouts, just a lot of good wines; since this was not blind, I was biased into accepting the viability and pleasure from drinking a 50 year old wine that offered decent and pleasant spicy, sweet red fruit notes with a softness that followed a youthful and medium red color that betrayed its age.

1981 AUSONE- after the 61, this stepped it up a notch in complexity and depth, but failed to deliver the height and longevity of the experience of the 61; it finished very dry; no question, for the age, these wines were good.

1986 CHAREAU CANON- it did not take long to identify the wet cardboard and corkiness of this wine; a shame.

1988 CHEVAL BLANC- a great bring that did not deliver its fullest potential IMHO; of medium color and body, there were some notes of bell pepper, spice, sandalwood and minimal fruitiness, finishing very dry and astringent.

1999 CLOS de L`ORTOIRE- new to me, this producer made a good wine here; very fruity which I mistakenly took as a Cab Franc contribution which turns out to be 90% merlot; big, complex, smooth, some menthol and mintiness; finishing dry; good drink.

1989 ANGELUS- for me, the Brettiness overwhelmed any of the positive notes; medium color and body, some spiciness and then overwhelmed.

2000 CHATEAU CANET POOLA- seemingly closed and tight, this finally did open to an acceptable level with some decent fruit notes, but closed up on the finish; I do not know if it has more to offer down the line; better with decanting?

2000 CLOS SAINT JULIEN- very youthful with its dark purple color and black fruit expression, this opened up into a fine, enjoyable wine showing blackberry/ black cherry, spice after being welcomed by a nose of the same; I like it and trust it will be even better in 5-10 years.

2000 CHATEAU QUINAULT- 80% merlot, 10% cab and cab franc, this was good wine from another producer not familiar to me; some mintiness and Eucalyptus with soft tannins and a long enjoyable finish.

2003 PAVIE- probably should have been decanted as it initially was tight and suppressed; I`ve had this before and found it to be much more giving which this eventually did offer some salty, spicy talc and oaky notes with a smooth texture and a lot of depth; suspect it will evolve into an even better experience in 8-10 years.

2005 CHARTEAU JEAN-FAURE- displayed a lot of youth and again, would have benefitted from decanting; tight and suppressed fruit notes with a hot, dry and abrupt finish.

2002 TERTRE ROTEBOEUF- showing well, it presented with some spicy, talc, mint, Eucalyptus and okay notes and a nice, long finish.

All in all, a delightful and very enjoyable luncheon with 5 courses and major sized servings, good people and a fabulous ambience in this dinning room at the SB Club.


Glad the Trolong was such a knockout.

I bought 3 cases of the Clos St. Julien it is very concentrated and I agree it has plenty of life ahead.

Interesting, Blake - I’ve had the '89 Angelus numerous times in the past (most often paired with the '90 Angelus) and this remains one of my favorite wines (along with the '89 La Conseillante) from that year. In all that time, I’ve never discerned any brett. Did everyone at the tasting have a similar reaction to the wine?

You made a good buy. I bought a case on futures based solely upon the high marks and tasting notes I read plus the stellar vintage overall. This was the 3rd bottle Ive opened and the only one to show off its pleasures as the others were tight and not very giving. Ill wait for a few years to go into it again.

Bob, The brett was readily and easily noticeable to me. I hesitated to say anything to anyone else in order to avoid biasing others experience. Those sitting next to me got “something strange” in the nose and then I offered my thoughts. Of course, now it`s confirmed. As always in this group, there are some who did not perceive the brett and there were some who did not perceive the corked wine as well which was easily apparent. I know some of this speaks to our olfactory sense and the difference from one to another.