TNs: Quinta do Portal tasting.

After giving a fund-raising talk about the Snow Goose Festival, I dashed over to DeVines to take part in the sparsely-attended Portal presentation, hosted bu Pedro Almeida Santos.

The reception wine was the NV Quinta do Portal Extra Dry White Port which was OK with splash of 7-up and squeeze lemon. The white offered was the wonderful Branco which was the best white at a recent Portugal wine show. Dry with some spice, good price at $24 Cdn.
The first red was the 05 Malvis** which is only $14. Blend of 6 varietals, very fresh, lively and dry. Can hand-sell this one, along with Flor de Crasto! Next up the**06 Douro which is 65% T. Roriz. Not the best year but I thought earthy/chalky and just OK. There are quite a few entry-level Douros on the shelf, this one…pass. One could not deny however that the next red was top drawer, the `05 Quinta do Portal Reserva. 70% T. Nacional, big tannins, spice, pepper, tar on the nose. Very good quality, much better vintage, only 30,000 bottles produced. Gathered 3 of these for next 2 yrs drinking, $35 Cdn.
The 2001 Grande Reserva was last red tasted, I was not that enthusiastic after the above, this wine is not produced every year. No notes.

To end up, a very hot 10 Year Old Tawny plus the current Jancis rave, the `03 Vintage Port which is only $60 I believe. Deep black, delicious, five star, very smooth tannins.

Thanks for the notes. Despite the love given by WS for the 05 Quinta do Crasto Reserva, Portuguese table wine popularity seems tragically stuck in the mud. Maybe if RMP would acknowledge it? I recently had some truly excellent whites, reds and a wonderful Caves Transmontanas sparkler…most $15 - $40. Squires is doing a fine job but it just isn’t enough. Nobody seems interested in expanding imports because consumers just haven’t gotten the message.


I tasted the 2003 Portal Reserva a 2 months ago-fabulous!!! Crushed & dried red and black fruits, provencal herb, schisty minerality, garrigue, and well integrated, vine ripened tannins: complex with a potent, clean driven finish all the way across the palate! Good times!