TNs: Oregon and France - two modest chardonnays from 2017

We tasted a 2017 Walter Scott “La Combe Verte” Chardonnay alongside a 2017 Fevre “Champs Royaux” Chablis. They are in a similar price “ballpark”. I first opened each for two separate Zoom events yesterday. I included some live first impressions in the chat on the Walter Scott Zoom event here on WB, and did a more extensive tasting of both wines today with a cheese plate, prosciutto, gesiers tartiner, and a baguette.
2017 Walter Scott “La Combe Verte” Chardonnay
I noticed a slight sulphurous note on opening the bottle. It faded away after a few minutes of swirling as I let the wine sit a bit to become less cold. My first taste impression was of an intense flavor dominated by lemon. Not a sweet or tart lemon, but a multidimensional flavorful, fruity, herbal, pithy lemon. Some mineral. Some oak. These initial impressions carried through to the next day. I liked this wine, but I cannot think of another Chardonnay that this reminded me of, which probably says more about me than the wine. The intensity of the overall flavor profile was maybe the most striking aspect.
2017 Fevre “Champs Royaux” Chablis
This is a wine that we have enjoyed several bottles of over the past year. Bright lemon, minerally balanced in a lively way. No oak to my taste. I also let this wine sit a bit to become less cold. Very pleasant and tasty version of this wine from 2017. But while trading sips with it alongside the WS LCV, my first impression was that it seemed a bit of a weakling. It was harder at first for me to pick up on and appreciate the lower keyed flavor profile of the Chablis. As time went on and especially today it seemed to more hold its own.
Judges Decision
My wife and I enjoyed both of these wines. In the end, they do not have vastly different taste profiles. The La Combe Verte seemed to have some oak while it was not detectible to us in the Champs Royaux. We thought the La Combe Vertre was rounder, had a more forceful and complex flavor, and seemed to us a more “serious” wine. We both preferred the La Combe Verte.

Great head to head…I think you nailed that comparison! [cheers.gif]

I gotta P.S. a pairing recommendation for the 2017 Walter Scott La Combe Verte.
Had this tonight with the last of the bottle. Incredibly wonderful pairing. The beautiful fruit in the LCV takes center stage. WOW !!! A very enjoyable meeting of two coasts.

Not my favorite chowder on the Cape, but Captain Parker’s delivers?

Brian, I think it’s a solid example and as a plus it’s available at Stop & Shop. Recommended by my son, it exceeded my expectations and the pairing was awesome. -Jim