TNs: More assorted French wines (Huet, Collier, le Grand Pin, Trevallon and MDG)

Another round of French wines, the Trevallon was a showstopper in a group of very strong reds.

  • 2018 Domaine Huet Vouvray Sec Clos du Bourg - France, Loire Valley, Touraine, Vouvray (4/3/2021)
    Rather tight on the first day but still showing ripe and round tropical fruits. On the third day the fruit was much more expressive with pineapples and peaches. Very thicc texture but still retains high tension. Overall a little disjointed for me, maybe needs time?
  • 2014 Domaine du Collier Saumur Blanc - France, Loire Valley, Anjou-Saumur, Saumur (4/3/2021)
    Very reductive at first, couldn’t pinpoint the weird smell but others told me it was burnt tires that was classic reduction. Luckily it blew away after some time in the decanter. This smells and tastes like a very serious wine that would lead me to Burgundy with its perfumed nose, as well as weight and acidity. But with time, some honey and tropical notes emerged and it was probably the oak use that reminded me of Burg. Contemplative wine and I definitely would seek out more.
  • 2013 Chapelle St. Theodoric Châteauneuf-du-Pape le Grand Pin - France, RhĂ´ne, Southern RhĂ´ne, Châteauneuf-du-Pape (4/3/2021)
    Incredibly floral nose that could pass off as a Pinot Noir. Fermented in concrete and aged in old, large oak barrels that makes it light and ethereal on the palate, very pure red fruits. Anyone who thinks Grenache can only make sweet, syrupy wines needs to try this.
  • 1995 Domaine de TrĂ©vallon - France, Provence, Vin de Pays des Bouches-du-RhĂ´ne (4/3/2021)
    The ugly duckling (especially with the bricked colour) that turned into a swan. We were wondering if this was corked but to me it just smelled like old boring, musty wine. And since it still had fruit so I didn’t think it was corked. After an hour in the decanter I was amazed at its transformation, expressive red fruits and a delightful sappy midpalate that gave a rich mouthfeel. It is a loud wine that demands your attention with lots going on, some spice, earth and leather. Old school rustic wine in the best possible sense.
  • 1995 Mas de Daumas Gassac - France, Languedoc Roussillon, Languedoc, Vin de Pays de l’HĂ©rault (4/3/2021)
    Pristine bottle, beautiful ruby red in colour. Good ringer for a Bordeaux with classic notes of tobacco and forest floor character. Lacked the oomph of the Trevallon but still the best MDG that I’ve had, more old school than the rather polished 2006 a couple weeks back.

Love both those '95s, and still have one bottle of each left. I was thinking of doing another MDG vertical post-Covid, but not sure there’s enough Portland area wine geeks who would have an interest…so maybe I just drink them myself? neener

in my experience, trevallon always tops daumas gassac. thanks for the notes!

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Interesting thought. Totally different wines, but I think it really depends on the vintage. For vintages with some age that I’ve had both (and remember [snort.gif] ), I’d give the edge to Trevallon in '99, '98, '95 (by a hair), and '85, which is probably the best vintage I’ve tried. Gassac was better in '97, '94, '93, and '88. The '89s and '90s are too close to call.

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You’re more versed with the subject than I!

drank about a case of the 1994 Trevallon, purchased it on closeout for $14 a bottle. The last ones at roughly 20 years from vintage we far and away the best!

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That was the idea to taste them side by side, and you should definitely wait to do that and the vertical! Absolutely no hurry for either of them.

Will definitely seek out the 19s, read many good things about them on here as well!