TNs--Mike on Tour--California 22--SF Dinner Night 1 -- Chave, Bordeaux, Burgundy, older Cali, others

On relatively short notice, I have to profusely thank Rich Frankel and others of the SF group for rallying together to share a meal and wines with me. It was marvelous to catch up


Rich Frankel
Joel Galang
Alan Rath (so great to see him after some 13 years or so)
Ed and Michelle Kurtzman
Yao Choong
Craig Gleason
Cindy Wan
George Chadwick
Yon Starry-eyed Stenographer

Cedric Bouchard Roses de Jeanne Cote de Val Vilaire

15 disgorgement. Slashes of watermelon to sniff and not a lot of bread/yeasty. Yao came up with Jolly Rancher candy on the taste and I sort of agree but it firms up considerably with time and has lots of nice mousse. A fun and enjoyable bubbles

2007 Bouchard Meursault Perrieres

I don’t think this was oxidized, at least not overtly, but it is probably nevertheless past its prime. A li’l floral accompanies butterscotch and baked apple bouquet. This is balanced with teasers of apple and lemon, but it is missing the tension, minerality and drive that I’d expect from this plot.

2017 Jadot Duc de Magenta Puligny Clos de la Garenne

This presents a beautiful, full nose of minerals, pear and apple. And in the mouth, it flows so very nicely, darling clarity with squeeze of lemon and light matchstick and mineral. Marvelicious. Even though it’s my bring, my WOTN

1979 Chalone PN

Very pretty here–flowers and gentle red fruit. Plenty of life, berry cornucopia, just pretty. Probably my # 4

2015 Clos Rougeard

Big thanks to Joel for bringing this, the regular cuvee. Probably the wine that engendered the most conversation, along with the Chave. On the sniffer–does olive-powdered nutmeat make sense? That’s kind of what I got. The olives do perk up more with some swirling. Black cherry underneath, but refined. This is still quiet for now. Background olive and even coriander around currant. It has some subtlety. I know some of the group were talking about pyrazine presence. I think everyone was interested by the wine but it didn’t ascend to heights tonight.

2003 Jadot Chambertin Clos de Beze

Classy dark cherry with very light nutmeg and cocoa. Differing opinions about where this is in terms of age, for me this presents rather resolved, and for 03 no problem with acidity and fine expression. It just lacks an extra level of promise and sophistication for me. Still quite good.

1993 Calera Reed PN

This has more aged notes, presents a touch of soy and some dry berries. Softer overall, this is holding on but clearly tastes like an older PN to me.

2008 Chave Hermitage

Super-perfumed, I get cranberry and even roses. No surprise that my mouth likes this, and there is great, driving purity, but it presents to me as so fruit-centric, with bright berries galore. The other subtle notes that sometimes set Chave apart–they’re not showing yet. I think they will, in time. I do like it, for sure. # 3

1981 Vieux-Chateau Certan

Thanks to Craig for bringing this one, in the bouquet I get a tiny bit of tobacco, but it’s very much an edge piece to very present redcurrant and cassis. This is just finely demure dans la bouche. You want elegant? You got it here, with the currant fruit and very, very light spices just dancing a gavotte with each other. Unheralded vintage or not, this was my # 2 and quite close to the white Burg for my WOTN

1989 Chateau Troplong-Mondot

I got to this later in the evening. On the nose, this is still hopping–plethora of black and red plum and berry. Still young and almost burly and rich, but dances the line quite well. Spices and herbs accenting cassis.

George very generously opened an extra bottle, a 2002 Noon Cab. It was super-big and not to our liking, but appreciated having the chance to try an older one of these.

Thanks again, everyone!



Thank you Mike for inspiring us to get together! It was a fun evening, good to see old friends and sip some tasty wines.