TNs: Mexican wine... when in Mazatlan do as the Mazatlanians

We spent a week at our favorite place in Mazatlan (Inn at Mazatlan). Nice suite with an ocean view. We basically just vegged out, spending all our time at the pool or the beach. With pool service and happy hour every other hour (2 x 1 drinks), we consumed a lot of quesadillas, ceviche, Pacifico, Cuba Libres and assorted other cocktails.

At our first dinner I asked for the wine list at the hotel’s restaurant. Not a good sign when the listing is by county and then variety. No mention of producers or years. They have a 20% off special on L.A. Cetto, which is a large Mexican winery in the Guadalupe Valley very near where the big earthquake hit earlier this year. We have visited there a couple of times. Totally commercial place with a Napa-style tasting room and a nearly completely automated production facility. The wines are always reasonably priced and clean and they make a wide variety of, well, varieties.

We asked for the Cabernet Sauvignon, and out came the 2008 vintage. How was it (I know Frenchie is dying to know…)? Well, it was not at all bad. More than drinkable, it had some interest, with some notes of dark chocolate in the red fruit. Well-balanced and very good with ceviche and frutos del mar. And at $14.50 off the wine list, a real winner.

Next night, we ask for the Cab again. This time we get the 2007 vintage. A little more rustic than the '08, with some chalkiness/minerality that made it a bit more elegant and interesting. We finished the bottle sitting on the patio of the restaurant, some 25 feet from the waves, and watched as the sun dipped below the horizon and lit up the evening sky.

Maybe not perfect or even profound wines, but they were just right for the moment.

Hate to say it, Dietz, but sounds great. Even fish-flavored wines taste pretty damn good in such a setting!


Nice write up. I’m jealous.


I’m glad you survived, James.

Amazo! You know, if you actually put your eyeware over your eyes, instead of your forehead, I bet you’d be able to read the wine list better. [snort.gif]

This is the perfect way to have them all right - have done a number of Cettos in this manner in Mexico. Evocatively described and thanks for spurring the memories!

Yes, would agree, reasonably quaffable. And a wine we get here at a pretty good price point, they’ve come in at about $10 in the past, though I think recently up to that $14 or so that you mention.

Guadalupe Valley is always a great trip. I have always found something amazing there. Though its not always wine.

Although im not too fond of LA Cettos Cabernet they usually make a decent Nebbiolo, not to mention cheap but flavorful olive oil.

I’m just pleased that for once someone wasn’t sniveling about not being able to find a wine list with Gaja or Pegau or Chave on it at a beach town in Mexico. I’m really pleased you had such a wonderful time.