TNs: Marc Roy, Dauvissat

2017 Marc Roy Cuvée Alexandrine

Quintessential burgundy nose of sous bois and tart cherry. Super pure fruits, transparency, light bodied but with surprising power. Very nice finish.

2015 Dauvissat Chablis 1er Sechet

Incredible nose of white peach, hay, intoxicating really. Incredible transparency and persistency. The quality is clear. Just beautiful.

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A 15 forest last weekend was remarkably pure and transparent. If I wanted to introduce someone to great Chablis it would be an ideal candidate. Perhaps 15s are in the zone. It didn’t suffer from any overtly tropical notes (not that I have a problem with that anyway) or dilution.

Thanks. Love those 17 Roys, and now the chance of finding Dauvissat about the same as scoring an albatross.