TNs: Krug 1996, Redigaffi 2000

My mother-in-law was in town for the weekend and my wife and I took her out to dinner on Saturday night. Venturing a couple blocks from home to local Italian hang-out Valenza was an easy choice- no corkage, good food, easy commute. We paired these wines with some nice appetizers- beef carpaccio and stuffed squash blossoms- as well as with our delicious main courses. The Redigaffi in particular excelled with my wife’s Block Island swordfish dish, which was served over creamy polenta and had a very rich, rather intense sauce.

Krug 1996:
Served at just the right temperature and immediately showing off the aromatic scents of honeycomb, pears, toasted nuts and spices. In the beginning the wine showed a little saltiness for me, which it hadn’t in the previous few times I have had it this year- most recently in Chicago at a tasting with Olivier Krug. Meaty almonds, lemon peel, smoked meats and brioche all pop up, along with a healthy dose of minerals and good, crisp acidity. This is excellently structured and built to shine for a long, long time. Can’t wait to try it again, but this time I think I will wait a while. 97 points

Tua Rita Redigaffi Vino da Tavola 2000:
I have had this wine on a number of occasions and it has always performed very well. In fact, on one occasion, it came strikingly close to perfection! On that night, in Las Vegas, it was pitted against 1990 Montrose and 2000 Pavie and was the winner. Tonight’s bottle was also exceptional, though the wine seems to have shed some of its tell-tale smokey, tobacco leaf qualities that I associate with it. Purple/black in color, with a massive nose constructed of crushed violets, black cherry jam and roasted meat. Still intense in fruit and backed by firm tannins but definitely more integrated. I do love this wine, but now I do think the '06 is better! Still, on this night, it was a very, very nice showing for a fantastic wine. 96+ points

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John - nice set of wines. Curious to know if you’ve had the 01 Redigaffi, if so how would you compare it to the 00.

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the bottle variation in 96 krug is frightening