TNs: Insignia, Prive, Trinity...

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Thanks for the notes on the Betz. I’ve got some '05’s in the cellar, and the only one I had was a Clos de Betz, and I was wholly unimpressed. I’m assuming they are not made in the Quilceda Creek style, big and bomby and ready for business right away, as it seemed shut down HARD. The Pere de Familie and La Parrain are much higher quality bottlings, so I’ll be reading TN’s carefully to see when the window is open for them.

Yeah, pretty much the same conclusion on the Betz’s. I’ll probably be an old man before these things are in their prime. Between you and I we probably have enough of his line up and vintages to do a Betz tasting. We’d just need to decant a week ahead of time :slight_smile:

Well, let’s pencil it on the calendar in about 5-10 years…and do it in the OC

DW on that 2007 Prive is years away.