TN's: Harlan, Abreu, Schrader

2002 Harlan:
Complex, gritty, acidic with dark, rich fruit with a hint of chocolate. Really good wine, but not in great balance right now. Lots of tannins, lots of power, but the fruit was not as bright or lush as I would have liked. 95 points.

2001 Abreu Madrona:
Horribly, badly corked. [swearing.gif]

2006 Schrader Old Sparky:
Super lush, super bright fruit with fine tannins, proper glycerin, utterly seemless, utterly delicious. One of the most amazing bottles of wine I have had in an extremely long time. Had there been more complexity I would have said perfect. 98 points.

…just a thought but you may want to phone the nice folks at Abreu and tell them about the corked 01. I recently had a horrendously corked Shafer Hillside, gave them a ring and they asked me to send them the bottle (which I did). Next thing I know they send me a bottle of current release Hillside. Now that’s service, and appropriate–gives them a chance to confirm that the bottle is corked, and replaces your loss…

I agree this is the appropriate course of action, as it was bought direct off the mailing list. But it was my friends bottle. I opened the Harlan. Then, after the Abreu debacle, since it was my house and his birthday, I opened the Schrader. But he plans on contacting them, as he should.