TN's from Feb. 15 Villa Creek Offline in Paso Robles

Notes anyone? I KNOW you were taking notes! My WOTN was Raquel’s Dain pinot … or the 2000 Barolo … but I also really liked the Tablas Creek EdB Blanc with my 'opa. I thought the Copain James Berry 2005 from the VC list was too oaky for my taste, a large disappointment, but I hope the group enjoyed it.

no real notes, but the wines that stood out to me were the Dain pinot as well, and the '97 Barolo more so then the '00…I really like tasting the two Barolo’s side by side, as well as the new CA pinot vs. the older Burg

I’m being a slacker. I’ll try to post mine tonight.

just curious … was the Copain the “Les Copains” or the Syrah?

The syrah, purchased from the wine list.

thanks … that’s what I was hoping you’d say. :slight_smile:

Was that this offline?

Ah. Now in understand the FB POST.