TN's from 3 wines: 01 Troplong Mondot, NV Jean Laurent Bdn, 07 Maestri Chianti

My third attempt at this:

The 01 Troplong is going through a funny phase (I hope) as it has a nice nose and it tastes like water.

NV Jean Laurent is a beautiful Champagne with the perfect balance of fruit and brioche. Yes I got it at a fantastic price, but I would recommend it at any sub $50 price.

The 07 Maestri Chianti is the real deal. This is a sub $5 wine and on its own may seem a bit acidic, but match it with a Putanesca and it’s heaven.


01 TP. Otto, living in the desert, I love the taste of water.
All kidding aside, I own the 01 TP but I wouldn’t go near it yet. These are structured wines that do not show well once they shut down. The 95’s are just revealing themselves now. The 01 maybe in 5 more years.

Well, I must’ve loved the wine to buy it in some quantity, it’s just undrinkable right now.