TNs: Excellent Burgundy Dinner in ATL (Vogue, Roumier, Faiveley, DRC, etc)

Peter Wasserman was in town showing wines at a fellow Berserker’s shop and a little dinner was organized for later in the evening at the under-appreciated Park 75 in midtown. I’m used to logging in and seeing Don’s notes already posted, but the good Dr. C could not join us last night, so you’re stuck with my impressions.
Some truly spectacular wines. I’m just thankful to have been invited.

1995 Krug (Magnum)–Beautiful start. Crisp and tight bubbles. Flowers and white fruit. So clean and fine on the palate. Great energy. Drinking really nice.

1999 Bouchard Chevalier Montrachet (Magnum)--Very good and sound, so points for that. But young and in need of time imo. Opened a bit as it sat in my glass, and shined with the the butter-poached crab leg dish.

1983 Pousse D’or Clos de la Bousse D’Or (Magnum)–Very good wine. Could be the star of an evening on its own, but just overshadowed tonight. Nice aged pinot nose with sous bois and red fruit. Just slightly too drying and lean on the palate to really shine in this company tonight.

1978 Camille Giroud Volnay Les Fremiets–This was quite good. Mature. Drinking well. That’s all I remember.

1991 Comte Georges de Vogue Bonnes Mares–Nose here was off a bit. Funky, in a not-good way. However, beyond the nose there was some serious dark fruit left to this. Some good power and energy, just a bit outclassed tonight, but damn good in its own way.

1993 Joseph Drouhin Chambolle-Musigny Les Amoreuses–This stopped me in my tracks. Wine of the night at this point, but that didn’t last long. Such an incredible and intoxicating perfume. Not sure a pinot noir can smell better. Integrated, soft, supple fruit just coats the palate. Delicate. Intense. Drinking beautifully. A+ here.
1985 Domaine Faiveley Chambertin Clos de Beze– Stunning showing. Nose is haunting. Smells like the season: spice, game, dark fruit, earth. Smells powerful, if that makes sense. Killer, killer wine. So much energy to the palate. The fruit seems weightless, but it goes on and on across the palate. The finish resonates. Oh wow. Another A+

1999 Domaine G./Christophe Roumier Bonnes-Mares–Wow. So elegant despite its youth. Polished and supple with gorgeous cherry fruit, sweet spice, and so, so much power in reserve. A bit of wood and tannin still showing, too. Just wow and will really be a killer a few more years down the road.

1990 Domaine Denis Mortet Chambertin--I remember this being elegant, resolved, and drinking really well. Delicate and pure. Floral and perfumed. Refined. I think I was a little obsessed with the Faiveley at this point, so I don’t have much on this, but it was great.

And two bottles served blind to close the night:

2002 Meo Camuzet Vosne-Romanee Cros Parantoux–I guessed young Dujac. No. My first Cros Parantoux. Much potential here. Probably could have used a decant. Some oak, maybe a little stemmy. Dark fruit. Very nice stuff.

1995 Domaine de la Romanee-Conti Grands-Echezeaux--blind…I guessed young-ish Fourrier, so yeah, go me! Smells like still-primary pinot fruit and flowers. Brilliant and lively red fruit flavor on the palate. Powerful energy that’s edgy on the palate. Layers and layers of earth, spice, fruit. Just unwinding now. Young, but very nice. Another A+

I think that’s it. Might have forgotten a white Burg that was poured.
Some great wines…All my woty candidates in one sitting. Good night.
Thanks to all for sharing some fine wines.

Nice line-up!

Nice line-up indeed - what a treat to taste so many big stars on one night:-)

For me, this is why I don’t like/like to attend such dinners/tastings…when a wine like an '83 Bousse d’Or could be the star of an evening “on its own”…I want to make sure that it is even more.

And…forgetting wines that are poured…is also…a shame, but that also happens with such events.

Not saying they’re “wrong” in any sense…but…they’re not for me for the very reasons you’ve so concisely articulated.

Wow amazing wines Thanks!

Excellent notes Dennis. Sounds like an epic night. Drouhin Amoreuses and Musigny are my favorite wine experiences in the world. I think they just nail that style. I’ll take that aromatic complexity and ethereal quality over anything.

About the DRC is there a chance maybe that it just wasn’t real and your instincts were serving your right? At the last paulee in SF I was poured a few various DRCs and a few of them seemed way different than I expected and I thought maybe I just didn’t have enough experience to know what to expect but then the whole rudy thing came to light and I now wonder in retrospect if the bottles were even real.

Thanks for the great notes, Dennis.

While I recognize that there are no great wines per se, just great bottles, your note on the Beze just goes to show that the detractors of “old style” Faiveley either (a) don’t know what they are talking about, or (b) have insufficient patience. Maybe both… pileon Faiveley killed it in 1985…magical wines!

Great tasting and super notes!

I really hated to miss this. Eric Brown outdid himself with this kind of fun night with Peter.
EXCELLENT! Thanks for the vicarious thrill Denis. The 93 Drouhin Amoureuses is an incredible bottle.

I totally get your point and don’t often get to engage in such excesses. It can be hard to give each wine its due.

Thanks, Berry. The Amoureuses really was a knockout. Almost positive that wasn’t the case on this DRC.

Thanks, Harry.
Best Faiveley I’ve ever had. I think the oldest, too. Patience may be the key.

Thanks, Dan!

Great notes. Sounds like some nicely aged Burgs.

Don-we missed ya’
Thanks, Loren.

I think you did a great job with the notes. I also appreciate there were a couple that you just could not recall all of the details. If I had to recall all of those details the last few would not read with the details you have listed. It would read like this…

Wine 12. It was red
Wine 13. It was red
Wine 14. It was red… I think


The ATL crew knows how to party.

A great night -

Also opened but not mentioned (but good bottle) -
1994 Albert Morey Batard Montrachet

Should be noted that a couple of wines were opened and not poured due to not being sound (aka oxidized) -

1973 Latour Chevalier Montrachet Les Demoiselles X2 - Both low fill and off color, I knew going in these would be bunk, just had to open them to officially find out.

1999 Sauzet Chevalier Montrachet - Opened 2 this week, both bad.

1995 Ramonet Chassagne Montrachet 1er Morgeot

2000 Lafon Meursault 1er Perrieres

1979 Vogue Musigny - Oxidized

Great notes Dennis… Amazing lineup. The ATL group is one of the most hospitable out there!

Thanks, Izzy.
Same room as our Rousseau dinner last year.
That place brings out the best!

I need to visit Atlanta.

As do I.