TNs: El Nido, Loring Hartley Ostini & BV Latour

Pulled out some special occassion wines for the daughter’s b-day dinner last night.

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Could you elaborate on this? Vineyard? Price? Sounds fun!

Your daughter is a lucky gal. She’s 18, right?

In each of the 2005 and 2006 vintages, we created a special blend that we could use for donations to charities. Since we don’t do any large format bottlings (due to there not being any large format screw cap bottles), we decided that making a special blend would allow us to give a charity something that was a little more special (and hopefully worth more) than just a few of our regular bottles.

For the 2005 vintage, we ask Bruno D’Alfonso to come to our winery, taste through our barrels, and create a blend. In 2006, we asked Frank Ostini and Gray Hartley of Hitching Post wines to do the same thing. I know Bruno’s blend was half Brosseau and half Clos Pepe. I can’t remember the exact blend that Frank and Gray came up with because it had a bunch of vineyards in it.

Nice choices! But she deserved nothing less!!!

I take it you think that 05 El Nido is a decent wine??? [give_heart.gif]

Nice babies for your baby.

Thanks for the notes.


The Loring stuff was questionable… but the 05 El Nido [highfive.gif] [berserker.gif] [good.gif]

And not to rub it in… but I’m going to visit El Nido on Wednesday! Doing the 3 hour drive down and back from Madrid. [cheers.gif]

Ha! not a rub at all! Ive come to trust your palate when it comes to chocolate shakes. Im thrilled to hear that. Make sure you get some barrel samples so you can tell me which ones to buy in the future!