TNs--Cottage Weekend--03 Comtesse, 99 La Gerla, 05 Tollot Beaut, 08 Turley, others

Last weekend, my friend Steve hosted about 12 guys up at his lovely and spacious cottage. In between endless games of bid euchre, watching stuff like Day After Tomorrow and generally having a terrific time eating, drinking and talking, we consumed these, among others.

1999 La Gerla Brunello di Montalcino

My friend Glen has had a bottle of this that was shot. This wasn’t, and actually seemed to me to need a little more time. Crunchy berries on aroma and tongue are hallmarks, along with lashes of cured leather. Perhaps would like to see somewhat more structure

2011 Spring Mountain Sauvignon Blanc

This was quite excellent. Slices of pear, apple and honeydew, but none of it oversweet. Instead, palate has a fine degree of freshness, with touches of fresh white grape and perhaps pear marmalade. Extremely enjoyable

2003 Chateau Pichon-Comtesse de Lalande

I do love most things from this chateau. At first, I was slightly worried that the bouquet had the roasted profile that has been trouble for the 3 years. But that blew off quickly and the wine itself is poised and delicious, with currant, cranberry and plum fruit along with real cassis follow in the mouth. This has already achieved the lines and elegance that earmark so many Comtesse wines.

2003 Chateau Myrat

A treat from my friend Andrew. Tons of apricot and orange, and follows through with this dans la bouche. Very much a 2003, thick, luscious but also of itself and very, very flavourful. The botrytis is also in its right spot. An estate I really do have to take more note of.

2008 Pfeffingen Scheurebe Spatlese

The nose is a blast of lilac, peach cobbler and apple. And unfortunately, this has sacrificed all its energy and youthful exuberance in the process. It has plenty of sweet fruit, but gone is the nervosite, gone is the interest, to be frank. Disappointing. I’ll drink any others much sooner.

2011 Cusimano Noa

This checked in at 15% and it showed. A Sicilian wine, had some olive tapenade and whispers of plum and cherry and even creosote. Tongue finds a smooth delivery, requisite tannins, slight chocolate infusing the aromatic replays.

2010 Domaine de Pierre Blanche Resurgence Condrieu

Some honey, some hint of pear and peach and citrus, and good length and decent structure are here, but nothing that comes together to make a fine wine experience. At this point, I think this may be asleep, especially after it showed similarly with a day’s air. Or it may have peaked and simply doesn’t have any more to give. More youthful versions were more energetically enjoyable.

2005 Chateau Guiraud

Gave this a day’s Audouzing, from halfsie. At first, it looked like this was the right choice. Winning many plaudits from the assembled, bouquet of lilac, sweetened lavender, pear and pineapple are in evidence. This shows nicely on the tongue with decent pop, balance to the botrytis and apricot, citrus and pineapple all having a say. Later in the day, though, it becomes closed and much less accessible. An interesting development.

Dalva 1995 Colheita

Really lovely, this. No decant and none was honestly needed. There’s a brightness to the raisin, red plum and toffee overtones in nose and mouth and a very fine flowy feel to this quaff as it makes its way down the throat. Replays with nice mulled spices adds. A pleasure.

2005 Tollot-Beaut Savigny Les Lavieres

I gave this about 4 hours’ slow-ox. Wise choice, as it allowed plenty of pomegranate, raspberry and light herb notes to percolate through. Palate is great, just opening the covers again now, and driving raspberry and cranberry fruit mixed with nicks of coffee and earth. For me, a very representative Savigny and liked it a lot.

2008 Turley Dusi Zinfandel

No question this is big (lists in at 16.1%), but it is also framed and fitting in with a fine herbs-and-earth base to the black plum, blackberry and mulberry fruit. Replays dans la bouche, with a small degree of heat but again, not at all overpresent and instead with almost dynamic tannins and mouthfeel. Dusi has always been my favourite vineyard of theirs. A great choice with my burgers.

A bientot,


Good notes Mike. Good to see Pichon Lalande weathered the 2003 storm.

PLL hit in right in 03.

I have a 1/2 dozen 03 Myrat, purchased after a taste somewhere back in my Mammoth days. Was thinking 20 years, should I wait or begin the inevitable indulgence?

Definitely don’t have to wait, Glenn, we popped and poured this one. I don’t think you have to wait, candidly, with any of the 2003s. In fact, in 20 years, they may replicate the 1990s closely, many of which I’m starting to find for my own tastes are past prime.

03 Pichon was probably the most enjoyable I’ve had recently along with Duhart Milon.

I am going to take your advice Mike and open a bottle with brunch Sunday if I don’t take bubbles. Going away party for one of my scrub techs, she loves sweet wine.

Like me!

Lucky girl, hope you enjoy it if you open it.