TNs--Chablis, Chard, Zin, Gewurtz

On different days!

2014 William Fevre Chablis Montmains

Whirls of apple, leaf and some seashell come up the glass. While this has a base level of typicity, it is missing some drive and texture that I might have expected given Fevre’s recent excellent track record. Drinkable but not super-memorable, at least at this stage. Paid C$40 and that’s probably about right. I have 3 more bottles and will keep them to track.

2015 Kutch Sonoma Coast Chard

Half of this comes from Santa Cruz grapes and that’s definitely the half that’s showing right now. Just got these and wanted to open my first of 6 (and to compare with the Chablis). Lemon, stones and citrus are all in the bouquet. And is this super-racy in the mouth—fantastic level of acidity at this point, I think the wood is already fully integrated. Grapefruit is very prevalent. I see a bright future here.

2010 Zind-Humbrecht Herrenweg de Turckheim Gewurtz

I do like this vintage for Alsace and this is another winner, with plenty of tropical and lychee but a sense of balance and even playful that translates from nose to tongue and complements, rather than dominates, food. Yes, it’s sweet on the Z-H style of things, but not in an overt or heavy way at all. Good drop.

2014 Peachy Canyon Westside Zin

“flavourful” aromatics of sweeter berry and plum fruit. There are glints of herbs and bramble on the palate, but most of it is well-secured aromatic replays. Solid if not ultra-awesome Zin. This runs C$37 and up here is again, about the right price.