TNs; Burgs, Trimbach and 82 Bordeaux

A great dinner at Pipers of Penola. Simon Bowen turned on a special five course dego for the five of us including some locally foraged morels and fresh crayfish. On this occasion the wines lived up to the quality of the cuisine.

2005 Trimbach Cuvee Frederick Emile Riesling
Glorious wine, shimmering, pristine, with lots of dry extract giving the wine a perceived sweetness. Can only imagine how good the 05 Clos St Hune is.

2009 Jean Marc Pillot Chevalier Montrachet
Not 100% bright, but loaded with power. It has the requisite grilled nut action, some oak evident, but real underlying muscle and drive. A wine of authority and starting to drink quite well.

1982 Chateaux Magdelaine (St Emilion)
At its apogee, old school claret, bitter chocolate, leather couch that caresses the palate. No hard edges and real volume to the fine boned palate.

2000 Domaine Jacques Prieur Echezeaux
And now for a bracket of 2000s. Quick conclusion reached that I definitely under purchased from this vintage. The two wines are both stunners and in a great place now. This has oodles of dark chocoberry fruit, supple, svelte tannins and good persistence.

2000 JJ Confuron Romanee-Saint-Vivant
The Prieur is good, but this has an added dimension, a few more roses in the garden. This too has effortless power and excellent natural ripeness, but an added dimension of perfume. Excellent balance and endless palate.

2002 Armand Rousseau Gevrey-Chambertin “Clos St Jacques”
Compared to the 2000s this looked a bit angular and less giving. A touch of vitamin B and then fruits squarely in the redder spectrum with firmer tannin profile. Starting to come around, but tecturally has a way to go.

Thanks Kent. Haven’t had a 2005 Trimbach yet, though I have quite a few in storage. Might need to get an earlier look than I anticipated.

Agree regarding 2000. I actually have stopped being surprised at how well they show, it is a very good vintage full stop.

Thanks for the notes.


Agreed Jeremy. I am now going to keep my eye out for them at auction.

00’s major flaw was following 99. Not profound but delicious.

Dunno Alan. The Confuron was pretty damn close to profound.
When I first tasted 2000s I thought that they had good ripeness and plushness, but lacked a bit of structure, however now they seem to have melded very well together and the fruit has more structure and resonance than I first gave them credit for.