TN's: Birthday Wines Part Deux

Last night I had a dinner with Flannery Lamb and Beef.
We had the new lamb flatiron steak, a rack of lamb and prime hangar.
To say they were all spectacular would be an understatement.
I had a blast. Too hot to spend the whole night on the porch but we managed a little time out there and in the kitchen.

Here are the wines. Thanks to everyone for bringing such beauties.


NV Mumm de Cremant Grand Cru Chardonnay Magnum

A nose of light white fruit and hazelnuts. The palate is big in the mouth. This tastes more advanced and creamy. The length is good.

1996 Pol Roger Rose

Holy cow. The nose is rich fruit. A hint of yeastiness that adds complexity. An intensity that is breathtaking. The palate is full in the mouth. Rich fruit with an acidity that just takes this other places. Not much complexity yet. The finish is young and astonishing. Profound. I want this. Thanks John Baskam. I am on the lookout.


2002 SQN Just for the Love of It

The nose is focused dark fruit. Very clean and intense. The palate is full. Ripe but not overdone. The intensity is fabulous here. There is great length. This is a wonderful bottle now with a couple of years of extra aging. Thanks Gary.

2003 Alban Lorraine

My kind of nose. Dark fruit. A little dirt. Funky in a good way. The palate here is larger and more expansive. On the palate, this doesn’t have the intensity of the SQN. There is excellent length however. Thanks again to Gary.

Aussie Grenache

2001 Clarendon Hills Grenache Kangarilla Vineyard

This is focused intense ripe pure grenache. Less on the cherry side like France and darker. Great length and sense of fullness in the mouth. The ripeness here is perfect. Very nice. Thanks John Eckel.


1995 Angelus

This was one of my epiphany Bordeaux’s. My buddy Fred knew it. A gorgeous sexy nose of dark fruit. A little truffle type earth. The palate is sexy and loaded with dark fruit. An elegance here despite the considerable structure. Fabulous length. This remains one of my favorites.

Red Burgundy

1992 Leroy Clos Vougeot

This was sent over by a friend. The nose is dark red fruit and refined earthiness. Out of a Riedel Sommelier Burg glass, you can smell this about 2 feet away. Intoxicating in a good way. The palate is at the apogee. A refined reddish earthy fruit that persists for some time. Not much power but lots of sexiness. For what it is, this is profound. Thanks Bill. You are a gem.

1998 Comte Armand Clos des Epeneaux

A dark fruit on the nose and palate. There is significant structure here that hides what appears to be nice complexity. The length is good. This to me is one of the 98’s that just needs some time. Thanks Charles.

1988 Camus Latricieres-Chambertin

My buddy John brought this and said this will be great or possibly not.
He is such a gem to bring a 1988. Camus had some sanitation problems I believe when they made this bottle. The nose is funky and so is the palate. There is some very good fruit under this. A shame to get such good fruit and ruin it with sanitation problems. The sentiment is worth 100 points however.

White Burgundy

1995 Leflaive Puligny-Montrachet Les Folitieres

What a great nose. Golden fruit and some element of almost white truffle. Sexy. The palate is focused like a laser even at this point. Great detail and incredible length for a Puligny 1er. Profound. Thanks Michael.


1970 Taylor (English Bottling)

Sweet and spicy. That Taylor spearmint. Intoxicating nose. A red/black fruit that has significant staying power. A long sexy finish. Wonderful stuff.
Thanks Todd.

1977 Taylor (Gaia Bottling)

This shows less detail at this point but is like a little brother to the 1970.
No slouch either. Long sexy finish.

The week long celebration continues.
I really love and appreciate my friends.

It sounds like a wonderful celebration, Don! Did you guys take any pictures of all that food?

Charles Johnson did.
When he sends me a link I will put it up here.

Wow, what great wines.,I love Angelus and Taylor. The 90 Angelus was the wine that got me into bdx and the 77 Taylor got me into ports. Glad you were able to drink them.

Great show Don.
Quite a week.
Happy Birthday again!

Don - As stated elsewhere thank you again. Still wrapping my mind around the 1970 Taylor and the 1992 Leroy…wow. (And the Rhone Rangers were not too shabby!) Great wines paired with great food and company. Best, John

[good.gif] You are the man. Some really great wines in that bunch. Happy Birthday Don.

Some pics from Charles Johnson.
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Great notes, Don. I love the 95 Angelus and you made it sound so good…wow. And look what Mme. Leroy did in 1992 with the Clos Vougeot–I loved reading about the nose, etc. She did the same thing in 2000–just fantastic.

Thanks for sharing these great notes.